The departure of a major character opens the return of Madison

The following contains spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 13, “The Raft,” which aired Sunday, May 15 on AMC.

Like Fear of walking dead His overdrafts shrink one by one, and his drag show proves to be as slow as ever when delivering on his promise to return Madison Clark. It’s an impatient journey that fans reluctantly sit through, but haha, Fear of walking dead he is Really Make progress by knocking out the main character so Madison can slide right in.

Season 7, Episode 13, “The Raft”, is another useless in Fear of walking dead Franchise business. Honestly, this is nothing new, and there is no point at this point in expecting something exciting to happen on this show. what he is What’s new is that the writers have finally found the courage to fire their beloved Morgan Jones—temporarily, of course. “The Raft” Morgan writes as if this was the last goodbye between him and Alicia, but the worst never really says goodbye in Fear of walking dead.

The Raft begins with Sherry inflating the submarine’s raft for what appears to be an emergency getaway. Turns out, she was preparing the raft for Dwight, who she thought would blast off from the deep end if he ended up joining Strand. This is another can full of stale worms, but it leads Morgan to use the raft instead.

Dwight and Sherry encounter a woman stuck at the beginning of the episode who claims to have come from a safe place by the water, and Morgan sees the opportunity to abandon these losers and escape. Given that Morgan has developed a reputation for being talkative but not walking, it’s no surprise that he’s taking baby Mo to “protect her from the Strand.” Definitely this exactly Why did he leave Alicia to fight this war alone.

Morgan’s departure is surprising and unexpected, given the heightened risk all these characters profess to be in, but it sets the stage for Madison’s return perfectly. Morgan’s Introduction to Fear of walking dead It was at the cost of Madison’s “death”, and frankly, it was a heavy price that no one was willing to pay except for broadcasters Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. The show immediately started from there, the only reason people are still following it Fear of walking dead Because Madison promised to return in Season 7.

Morgan’s go for at the moment is that everything is back as it should be. Morgan stifles the show so much that he can’t pressure Madison again while he’s there. At best, Madison’s return should be a harmonious encounter between her and Alicia, if Alicia has not been fired by then. Chambliss and Goldberg have made a lot of mistakes in the past few seasons, but at least they can see that Morgan shouldn’t be there when Madison returns, because he’s really out of the show that was about the Clark family.

Madison’s existence became increasingly dependent on this show. aptly said, Fear of walking dead And its disappointing hero is as lifeless as a zombie. Not even Alicia Debnam Curry and Coleman Domingo – perhaps the best Fear of walking dead I got you started – you can save that show as their characters desperately fall under the weight of Morgan’s mission. Lennie James is an actress who is commendable for being able to portray Morgan through such a heavy load of nonsense, but it is very difficult to follow Morgan as a worthy hero.

It’s Morgan time! Fear of walking dead It’s not over yet, but it definitely needs a break from the story. When Madison comes to serve as the narrative driving force once again, Morgan could go on a character-building retreat — and perhaps he could return with some qualifying traits. Ideally, Madison wouldn’t have to share her rightful place as champion with Morgan, and would probably keep paddling in that raft forever.

New episodes of Fear the Walking Dead air Sunday at 9:00PM EST/PT on AMC and available to stream a week ago on AMC+.

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