The discovery of the silver scarab enhances the location of the talisman


Many items, weapons and armor in elden ring They can be found through general exploration or obtained from bosses or quests but there are very few items hidden among the enemies and they drop at very low rates, meaning players can complete an entire game without seeing specific weapons or armor. A good example is the Longhaft Ax, a weapon that is only dropped by ax-wielding Misbegotten with an extremely low drop rate of 2%.

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Fortunately, there is a way for players to increase their odds of getting certain drops and elevate the obnoxiously low drop rates into something manageable. Detection stats are directly related to how “lucky” players are when farming for points, and there are ways players can increase this stat. Players who increase their levels in Arcane will naturally grow their discovery stats, but those who don’t plan in statline can raise their discovery in other ways. One particularly good way is to use the SIlver Scarab Talisman, which will enhance the detection a bit. Here’s how players can find Silver Scarab Talisman in elden ring.

How to find a silver scarab amulet in an Elden ring

It’s not particularly hard to find a silver scarab if players know where to look, but it’s easily one of the most frustratingly hidden items in the entirety of the lands in between. This is because Silver Scarab Talisman was found via an unseen path, in an area most players would never think to look at. Only those who have accidentally stumbled upon this path, or are masters in Souls-based exploration, will find the Silver Scarab unaided.

To locate the spell, players will first need to gain access to a secret hidden area that can be accessed by presenting a secret medal to the Grand Lift of Rold. The secret hallmark medal can be obtained by finding and collecting its two hidden halves across the lands between. One is easy to get to, in Liurnia of the Lakes, but the other requires players to travel all the way to the peaks of the Giants Mountains and face one of the game’s toughest bosses. Those who are struggling to find and compile the Secret Haligtree Medallion can follow this helpful guide.

Once players reach Secret Hallmark Medal, they need to travel to the Grand Lift of Rold and change into the medal via the button prompt before lifting it. Once done, players will find themselves in a new area that looks like a crypt of sorts. Walking the path forward, up the grand staircase, and through a tunnel, players can find the hidden path to the Haligtree Site of Grace. It is recommended that players rush to this location of grace due to the presence of some annoying and powerful enemies in the area. Once there, players must go back down the stairs to the large room where a giant octopus falls from the ceiling.

By overtaking this creature, down the stairs to the circular platform below, players will discover a part of the stone fence missing on the right side. Once they walk over the ledge made by this hole, they will fall into an invisible path below. Directly ahead will have a lane that players can run into, with an arcade projecting to the right and Ghost Glovewort. Behind Ghost Glovewort there is an invisible wall, players need to hit it to open a hidden path with a chest waiting at the end. The silver scarab talisman is inside this chest.

What does a silver scarab spell do?

The Silver Scarab Talisman is a very straightforward accessory that will simply boost the player’s discovery stat by 75. This is a massive boost, and players can simply equip this item when trying to plant a particular weapon or armor piece. It will also be stacked with other discovery boost items such as Arcane boost stuff and Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot. Using only Silver Scarab Talisman is enough boost to increase a player’s chances of finding a certain item by a significant amount.

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