The dolls refer to the legendary turtleneck image of the rock

On Season 4 of ABC’s Holey Moley, it appeared that Muppet’s favorite Bebe wore a costume inspired by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

If a show’s ratings aren’t too great, you can bring it in dolls To improve the numbers is a sure bet. This undeniable fact is the premise of the fourth season premiere of Holey Moley. This mini golf competition show, hosted by 21 Jump Street Rob Riggle brings together some of the greatest talents in this small sport and puts them against each other. In the fun graphics, Riggle will bring in famous faces to fill the time between rounds of mini golf. And in this season’s premiere, Riggle may have brought in his most famous guest yet.

After each round, Riggle consulted one of the famous Muppets characters and asked them what they thought of what he should do to save the show. Although the notable part did not come from Kermit, it did come from the sleeper Pepe The King Prawn. In the diagram, Riggle indicates that Pepe has relationships with people who can help save his bid at any cost. But aside from the hilarious dial, there was one thing that stood out in this part. Was Baby’s Black Turtle series and series seem like a subtle nod to the classic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson character?

Pepe The King Prawn is designed by Eric Englehardt and voiced by Bill Barretta since his debut in 1996. Pepe has made a name for himself for being the most disrespectful character in the muppets and has a tricky side. He’s even been flirting for a long time with Lara Spencer’s “Good Morning America.” And honestly, it’s surprising that such a little king could have such a big ego inside of him because he thinks he’s the next big thing in Hollywood, unlike The Electric Mayhem Band.

So, if Pepe was trying to emulate the look of the legendary Dwayne Johnson, it wouldn’t be surprising. The meme rose to prominence when The Rock shared the photo on Instagram in 2014 in a throwback post. From there, he spawned a subgenre of the Dwayne Johnson meme that has since made fans laugh. And although the photo dates back to 1994, two years before Pepe was created, the question is, did Pepe wear this outfit before the photo hit the Internet?

While it would have been nice if this was a sign, it’s totally a coincidence. Over the years, Pepe has worn a plethora of costumes from muscle suits to mini skirts. But his most signature look is a simple T-shirt and sweatshirt combo that always gets the job done. In addition, he often dusts off his gorgeous look from the black tortoise neck and gold chain and pulls it off well. The only thing missing is the fan bundle, which is starting to make a comeback. While it’s unclear the first time Pepe blew up this final look, there are photos from Sattler and Waldorf’s short-lived 2002 show where he shows off his style.

Sure, Pepe’s costume isn’t a nod to The Rock, but now that it’s on fans’ minds, it’d be pretty funny if they appeared on screen together. This will likely be Pepe’s new permanent outfit as it appears again in Episode 2, when Rob Riggle Facetimes sees Pepe and sees that he has kidnapped Steph Curry for ransom. And if anything is for sure, this thing has proven that Pepe has some real chops. So maybe next year Muppet designer Frank Oz could make him host the Academy Awards.

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