The Duke of Death and his maid will get a second season in 2023 – News


The manga ended on Tuesday

The official website for the TV anime Koharu Inoue‘s Duke of death and his maid (Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro MaidOn Tuesday, the manga announced that the second part of the anime series will begin in 2023.

The manga ended on Tuesday.

The TV anime premiered in Japan in July 2021. Funimation Stream the anime as it was broadcast in Japan. Funimation The sequel has previously been described as the second season.

Seven Seas Entertainment The manga is released in English, and the manga describes:

When the Duke was a young boy, she made him a witch until any living thing he touched would die. Unable to deal with such a cursed child, his family sent him away to live in an old mansion. Now a young man, his only companions are the butler and his childhood friend, a chubby blonde maid named Alice. Despite the fact that touching the Duke means instant death, Alice constantly teases him, approaches him and mercilessly flirts with him. But although Alice loves to make the Duke blush, her affection for him is the real deal. Can the two figure out a way to break the witch’s spell?

Inoue Launched manga shogakukanWebri manga website on Sunday October 2017. The manga entered its climax with the fourteenth volume of books compiled in November 2021. shogakukan The fifteenth volume will be published on June 10.

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