The Fallout 4 player finds a fire hydrant that is oddly shaped like an Elden Ring statue


After playing Elden Ring, a Fallout 4 fan came across a strangely shaped fire hydrant that looked like something found in The Lands Between.

elden ring Dominating the gaming scene since its February release, FromSoftware’s most ambitious game to date has caught the attention of millions of fans around the world. No wonder, then, that this love for elden ring It bleeds into other gaming communities too, like the Fallout 4‘s.

Fallout 4 It made a similarly huge impact on the gaming community when it was released in 2015, as new players in the franchise were quick to buy copies. Now, after nearly seven years and many games elden ringAnd the players return to Fallout 4 They’re starting to see some very similar shapes appearing around the Commonwealth that look suspiciously like something found straight out of the lands in between.

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In an image posted to the r/Elden Ring subreddit, user FlippinCactus shows a strangely shaped fire hydrant in Fallout 4 Which look scary like the statues of guide and janitor from elden ring. Although they couldn’t be more different in color and function, the shape of the water spout is remarkably similar, featuring the same curved back and what appears to be a head and arms.

The purpose of these statues in elden ring It guides players to the catacombs located near Minor Erdtrees. By interacting with the statue, a glowing blue trail will emit from his outstretched hand, marking The Tarnished’s map and indicating the way to the hidden entrance. fire hydrants in Fallout 4However, it serves absolutely no purpose other than to impart a sense of retro-futuristic realism.

One user, Danisnotonavan, comments, “Now This is amazing is pattern recognition,” referring to the cognitive process that links two, sometimes unrelated, pieces of information in the brain. This is a very common event that helps humans learn and retain long-term memory. In responses, Twiggles69420 relates this pattern recognition to their own experience of Seeing statues of the gatekeeper and thinking about the prophets from Hello. Other users keep sharing times they’ve created similar links, such as when a user thinks about zipfern elden ringCraft items when they see flowers or plants, or when a user Ok-Supermarket-1414 misunderstood a risk perception robot in the grocery store as Virgin Abductor.

These experiments show how accurate it is to host elden ring within public awareness. It is a vast game that requires hundreds of hours of playing, and it is a game that many love, elden ring There is no doubt that he left his mark on millions. It may take some time before people learn to forget about it.

elden ring Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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