“The Great Dance Crew” episode schedule: everything you need to know!


Great Dance Crew Episodes Schedule

Youku TV has started researching the Great Dance Crew in China, and is back with its new reality show. The Chinese network teamed up with the Hip-Hop Committee of the Chinese Dancers Association on the show. In cooperation with the World Hip Hop Dance Championships (HHI), the Chinese Dance Association gave all dance troupes in the country a chance to showcase their talents. Currently waiting for the new episode, here’s the “Great Dance Crew” episode schedule for you to keep track of!

With two episodes of “Great Dance Crew” released, viewers are virtually losing their minds due to the amazing contestants. With the contestants already well established, the “Women’s Dance Crew” is already in progress. The show features Chinese street dance professionals and street dancers from different backgrounds and professions. They took the stage, they worked hard. As the search for the Great Dance Crew continues, contestants will compete in several rounds of competition.

Episodes schedule
Still from the “Great Dance Crew”

‘The Great Dance Crew’: Who are the mentors and hosts?

Four professional dancers and idols will lead the “Great Dance Crew” by guiding the contestants throughout their journey. SANTA, a Japanese dancer and a member of WARPs, will be joining as one of the mentors. He will come as alumni of Tencent’s “Produce Camp 2021” survival program. Another teacher is Zheng Xiaolong. Member of the Chinese-Korean girl group WJSN. Besides his career as an actor in China, Xiao has also been a mentor on the music survival program Idol Producer.

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South Korean girl group, former Miss A member Fei, is the third mentor. After her contract with JYPE expired, Fei stayed in China. SM TOWN KPOP’s boy group, NCT U’s TEN, is the final mentor of ‘Great Dance Crew’. One of the most popular K-pop stars from SM Entertainment, TEN, has done a great job. Chinese actor and singer Alec Su, also known for Chinese dramas such as The Magic Touch of Fate and The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber, took the stage as the main host.

As the reality show comes to a close, the crews who made it to the end will take part in a world-class street dance competition. As dance crews are creating a future for themselves in this industry, it will also set a role model for the next generation who loves to sway the beats and dreams of becoming a dancer.

Episodes schedule
Great Dance Crew Episode Schedule: Host Alec Su and mentors Fei, Cheng Xiao, Ten and Santa have fun during dance breaks alongside the contestants.

Great Dance Crew Episode Table and Where to Watch?

The Chinese reality TV show “Great Dance Crew” will be available to watch on Youku TV App and Youku English Youtube Channel, along with English subtitles. With each episode of the reality show lasting about 3 hours, “Great Dance Crew” will be ten episodes in total. Starting April 16, 2022, the reality show will air new episodes every Saturday at 7.30 PM Beijing time until June 18, 2022.

Here’s a look at the “Great Dance Crew” episode schedule:

The first episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ was released on April 16, 2022.
The second episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ was released on April 23, 2022.
The third episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ was released on April 30, 2022.
The fourth episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ was released on May 7, 2022.
The fifth episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ will be released on May 14, 2022.
The sixth episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ will be released on May 21, 2022.
The seventh episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ will be released on May 28, 2022.
The eighth episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ will be released on June 4, 2022.
The ninth episode of ‘Great Dance Crew’ will be released on June 11, 2022.
Episode 10 of ‘Great Dance Crew’ will be released on June 18, 2022.

The contestants of the Chinese reality show “Great Dance Crew” include Tang Li Jia, Wei Xin, Kai Ping, Cui Wen Mei Xiu, Gu Yi Zhou, Ho Ma Er, Li Jia In, Uah Liu, Long Yun Zhou, Grace Wong, Wu An Chi, Flora Wu, Zhou Xin Yu, Seven Zhou, Linlin, Ingrid Lothair, Wang Mo Nan, Bai Xue Yao, Qin Shuyi, and Bape.

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