the history of painting present on the cover of their album


Fans have chosen the cover for Bigflo & Oli’s next album: the version where they pose for a painting. She seeks to bring an “artistic touch”.

The fans have decided. On the occasion of their new project to be released on June 24, Bigflo & Oli let their community choose the title and cover of the album. Twelve combinations were possible, and this is finally the title The others are us accompanied by a cover where the two artists pose in front of a painting which was acclaimed after an admirable commercial success. On their social networks, the two brothers told the story that this cover seeks to tell.

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Bigflo & Oli: a symbolic painting

“We wanted to bring an artistic touch with a real painting, they develop. Explain that behind the work that artists offer there are people. Also emphasize that the artist can only offer a vision of himself distorted by the way others interpret him.. In total, the cover was chosen by 44.1% of pre-order participantsand therefore quite clearly dominated the debates.

For the record, the painting on the cover was created by Lolie Darko, a painter. She thanked Bigflo & Oli for the experience on her Instagram account, also sharing some behind the scenes on the creation of the painting. Once finished, the set was photographed by the essential Fifou. It is also to him that we owe the other three shots that were offered to the public during pre-orders. Including the unloved cover of look-alikes, with such a special story.

Thus, the “tableau” cover and the title The others are us will accompany the album on streaming platforms and in stores. The only period dedicated to pre-orders allowed fans to choose their title and cover. Note that, ironically, the least popular covers have become… the rarest.

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