The Jinshin Effect: Who is Shikanoen Heizou?

Without warning , Jinshin effect She revealed the design and key information of the new upcoming character: “Analytic Harmony” Shikanoen Hizu. Heizou hails from the Inazuma Nation and is known as a notorious investigator who works alongside the Tenryou Commission on Narukami Island. Previously he worked with Bantan Sango Intelligence Agency. Shikanoin Heizou is presumably the first new character revealed for the upcoming v2.8 update which, as of now, does not have a confirmed release date.

The new character was revealed by Jinshin effect Twitter Early on May 16th. With the release date of patch 2.7 approaching endlessly, fans weren’t sure if new character designs and events would be revealed. While few precious things have been revealed about Shikanoin Heizou’s character other than some background information, his connections to the Inazuma Nation and the characters present may provide some insights into his role in the game.

Seeing Shikanoen Hizu, constellation and rarity

When finally released in Jinshin effectShikanoin Heizou will join the ranks of Lone Samurai Kazuha, Acting Grand-Master Jean and Windborne Bard Venti in using Anemo Vision. Reputable data miner and leaker lyme It was speculated that Shikanoin Heizou’s weapon would be a catalyst, making him the first male catalyst user in the game. However, due to his initial artwork, some fans are speculating that Shikanoin Heizou will be an Anemo sword user rather than a catalyst user. It is currently unknown what his potential key talents will be as well as his role in forming the team.

His constellation is the constellation “Cervus Minor”, which directly translates to “smaller deer”. The constellation pattern is similar to that of the four-star rarity, just like the constellation Razor “Lupus Minor” and the constellation Sayu “Nyctereutes Minor”, which means “Lesser Wolf” and “Lesser Tanuki” respectively. It can be assumed from this that Shikanoin Heizou will be added to the list of four-star characters within Jinshin effect. It is not yet known if there will be an accompanying Hangout or Story Quest accompanying its release.

Shikanoen Heizu is an investigator for the Tenryu Commission

Shikanoin Heizou has been confirmed to be a well-known investigator on the Tenryo Commission in Inazuma, an organization that is part of the Tri-Commission that serves as the executive arm of Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun. The head of the intelligence agency, Bantan Sango, considers him a “liar and a charlatan”. Obviously, despite his placement on the Tenryou Committee, Shikanoin Heizou isn’t the easiest person to get along with.

Revealed through NPC vocal lines with Kano Nana during Sayu’s hangout, Shikanoin Heizou was a rebellious spirit in his youth and didn’t quite like following the rules. His work as an investigator more commonly revolves around his personal principles rather than being tied to any governmental duty. However, it has been emphasized that despite this, Shikanoin Heizou is good at his job.

Shikanwen Hizu voice lines and character relationships

In the current version of Jinshin effect, only five characters have phonetic lines related to shikanoen hizu: kojo sara, sangunomiya kokumi, kamisato ayaka, thoma, and goro. Within these lines of sound, players will learn more about his real character and how other characters perceive him before he is officially released in the game. For example, through Kujou Sara’s voice lines, she admits that, despite her desire to get Shikanoin Heizou in class with his out-of-the-box antics, she is unable to do so because of his investigations that brought in the desired results. She’s one of the many characters in the game that she doesn’t seem to like.

Meanwhile, characters like Sangonomiya Kokomi and Gorou question him but never publicly condemn him. An example of this in the lines of their voices is when Shikanoen Hizu visits Watasumi Island. Since he didn’t seem to be interested in the military operations going on inside the island, no steps were taken to remove him despite his apparent connections to the Tenryo Committee on Narukami Island. Even the always cheerful Thoma warns players who want to get close to the mysterious investigator, claiming that they should give him a wide berth if they come across him on their travels.

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