The Legendary Zoan Devil Fruit That Explains Blackbeard’s Physique


Blackbeard is one of my favorite villains in the series, and the discussions/theories involved in it were, at least for me, one of the highlights of the One Piece fandom. I’ve seen the most popular theories about Blackbeard, especially those about the third devil fruit being rumored. While the common consensus is that its third inclusion would be Zoan (which I agree with), I’m not in favor of the idea of ​​it being a Cerberus fruit, since all evidence of this is Blackbeard’s Jolly Roger (3) Skulls.

My theory is that Blackbeard actually possesses a third devil fruit, in the form of a legendary octopus fruit Tako taco no mi, Model: Kraken or Model: Akurokamoy (Japanese Kraken). I had this idea for a while, considering it just a crazy idea, but after Kaido was revealed Uo Uo no Mi Model: Seiryu (Fish Fruit), Octopus fruit idea is not wild anymore.

First, I’ll go over some relevant information about octopuses, and then expand on how this relates to Blackbeard’s character.

As you all know, octopuses have a really strange body, even to invertebrates. The only animal that closely resembles them is the squid. Most octopuses have 8 arms, 3 hearts, and a highly developed nervous system. In fact, two thirds of the octopus’ nervous system is located in their arms, which means that their tentacles have a brain of their own in one form or another. If you cut the tentacles, they will keep moving, even being able to grab objects, pulling them into a mouth that is now missing. They can regenerate though. However, due to the high sensitivity of the arms, the octopus is unable to form a mental image of its body, and has low control over the movements of its arms.

Another peculiarity about octopuses is their three hearts: although only one of these octopuses pumps blood through their entire body, the other two pump blood through both gills. However, their main core stops when swimming, which tires them out very quickly; That is why they often crawl using their claws. Apart from this, octopuses are known to be very intelligent, they can camouflage within their surroundings, and shoot ink. Another interesting thing about them is that they rarely sleep, and even when they do, they are in a safe place for them.

So, what does this have to do with Blackbeard? Since his introduction in Gaia, we’ve had hints that Blackbeard’s body isn’t normal, and Marco finally confirmed it at the end of Marineford. Blackbeard likely ate taco taco no mi before joining the Whitebeard crew. While it’s not impossible for Teach to hide his strength for 20 years.

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