The loading screen is deeper than you realize


Of all the Sony consoles, none have made a more significant impact than the PlayStation 2. It has been home to some revolutionary games like Jack and DaxterAnd Questions and clankingAnd wicked cooper And God of War From the moment it appears. However, it also has many great features that have included backward compatibility and, eventually, the ability to play online. But even after his hiatus, there are still some secrets that the larger fan base might not realize.

One such secret has to do with the console’s main loading screen, which is often remembered for its strong sound effect and the empty space players dive into before they are greeted by the system options menu. Additionally, as gamers have enjoyed their consoles and added more games to their memory cards, they may have noticed a set of rectangular towers of varying heights that will appear with each startup. In the end, what seemed to be an aesthetic choice for the menu actually meant a lot more than it allowed.

In fact, each displayed bar represents a game that players have on their memory cards. The tallest towers represent the most played game, while the shortest ones are played the least. For further mechanical testing, players can remove their memory card and turn on the system only to be greeted with the empty void where block towers once were. While many future iterations of the PlayStation could have screens to denote the games being played, none were as subtle or iconic as the PS2.

There was versatility that came with the introduction of the PS2, right down to how to use the console on its side or upright. But the loading list also helped solidify its deceptive nature and, in a way, showcased what was to come for the console in the future of its lifespan. This was especially evident when compared to the much more tuned PlayStation 1.

In the past, PS1 provided exactly what gamers could see. This means that it can play games and offer a fun and versatile way for gamers to enjoy this generation of games. However, where it shines is in its accessories rather than the interfaces or mechanics of the console itself. This made the PS2 evolution seem even more monumental, as the console used the impressions of its predecessor to its advantage. Now, what seemed like another system offering powerful gaming experiences in a black box instead showed off the capabilities of Sony from its physical mechanics to the loading screen and towers that, while obscure, hold an important piece of information for those who understood it.

Since then, the PlayStation brand has ditched sleek user interfaces to offer something more user-friendly. However, keeping the filing towers only with the PS2 has allowed the console to gain more recognition over time. Of course, consoles will continue to advance with features that connect players more than ever. However, it’s hard to forget what the PS2 did and how it showed gamers that even basic components, like saving files, can be viewed in a fun way.

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