the (many) outings of the week of December 16


The end of the year is approaching and this Friday does indeed look like an early Christmas. We take stock of the releases of the week.

Norsace – Propaganda

It is finally here. Teased, announced and planned for many months, Norsacce’s first album is finally available. Propaganda has seventeen songs within it, including some attractive collaborations with BackRoad Gee, Alpha Wann, Zamdane, Sofiane and Guy2Bezbar. A more than convincing first album, perfectly representing the rapper that is Norsacce.

Vald- VV5

Announced with great fanfare during a concert in Bercy, Vald’s fifth album is finally here. Soberly titled VV5this new opus is therefore the extension of V, released earlier this year. We discover thirteen new tracks including a collaboration with Suikon Blaz AD and a posse cut with the Echelon Records roster.

abel31- 200

This year 2022 will have been that of the explosion of many young artists steeped in talent. And among them, abel31 is undoubtedly one of the most convincing. The beatmaker will have laid here and there quite exceptional instrumentals and always a bit futuristic. So to conclude on a high note, today he unveils his first project, entitled 200, on which we find H JeuneCrack, Realo, Uliss, Irko, Loota, Zoomy, winnterzuko, Yuri Online, wasting shit, Luther and Femtogo. An anthology cast at the service of an exceptional architect.

Bu$hi – Interlude

Bu$hi turns into Santa Claus for this end of the year delivering Interlude, a sort of compilation of 18 tracks bringing together some tracks already teased in the form of snippets and requested by his fans and a good package of unreleased tracks. A mixtape worthy of the name on which we find Norsacce, Mussy, Afro S, HIM$, La Fève and Tiakola.

Serane & Milanezie – Seranezie

Harmony (feminine noun), definition: Whose parts, which go well together, form a pleasant whole. Said of people who have affinities, who get along well. Synonyms: Serane and Milanezie, Seranezie.

Aketo- Blue Zone

How far away the days of Sniper seem. Since then, Aketo has come a long way. But, far from being overwhelmed by new trends, the rapper had dotted the last two years with collaborations that were as surprising as they were successful. This week, Aketo unveiled Blue Zone, an eight-track EP featuring Infinit’, Limsa d’Aulnay and So La Lune. One more project to his credit, and what a project. (we missed you).

Santana Threat – Into The Dark

We are not going to lie to you, we no longer dared to believe it. Menace Santana has been attracting attention and stirring up fantasies for almost two years now, the masked rapper being one of the most mysterious figures in French rap. Whether ! had taken us by surprise with its versatility and its desire to surprise, we were eagerly awaiting the sequel. This sequel is finally here with Into The Darka dark project that plunges us into the thoughts and nightmares of Menace Santana.


His third eye is wide open. With the care he has already accustomed us to, Ajna continues his “AJCENSION” with a new 6-track EP, SHERPA. We never tire of the covers made by Margaux Plassard (MX11), who also signed THE HOMA and THE HERMIT. Alongside LIL CHICK, Tchayka, bi2l, Avalanche Prod and 16bener, Ajna offers a sublime third opus and awakens our senses with the tranquility and poetry of its phases.

Huntrill- SKIIPACK

Huntrill seemed to be in the mood to rap. A few months later BigSTRaatthe trapper sends SKIIPACK, a small EP of four tracks. We find there the fourth and fifth episode of “Fuck La Drill” which follow “fuckLaJerseyDrill”. A rather short project, but terribly effective.

Alvin Chris- My mistake

Less than a year after the release of his project After you, Alvin Chris returns to us this Friday with a new EP of five titles. Entitled My mistakethis new EP draws a little more the universe of a colorful artist, whose multiple influences are felt in his music.

Rounhaa – “we”

He was one of the men of the year 2022 of French rap. Today, Rounhaa puts the lid on this great year by presenting us with one last piece that takes us right back to the epicenter of MOBIUS. With “nou”, produced by his acolyte BKH, the Swiss continues to melancholy reveal himself in a short and haunting piece. See you in 2023 for the rest.

Lujipeka – “VDA”

A little over a year later Russian assemblies, Lujipeka will offer a reissue of his first album on February 3. If the feats are for the moment kept secret, the cover produced using artificial intelligence and the names of the songs are already known. And to accompany this announcement, Lujikpeka unveiled “VDA”, one of the ten tracks that make up this reissue.

miss lou – “Baby Mama”

One more single to the credit of miss lou, and what a single. With her mesmerizing voice, she is now delivering “Baby Mama” produced by Timbeuh. While a feat with Booba is (normally) planned and should (normally) be released soon, the young artist continues to prove that we will have to count on her in the coming years.

Jey Brownie & Flem – “GTB”

Flem said it, he is a big fan of R’n’B. His collaboration with Jey Brownie, which should give birth to a project, tends in this direction. Armed with a hypnotizing voice and the ability to pose on just about any style of prod, the artist presents today “GTB”. If Flem puts there a theatrical piano and violent kicks as usual, he swaps his usually drill hi-hats for a rhythm a little more Afro which suits Jey Brownie admirably.

8ruki & Binks Beatz – “MANY MANE”

Here is another who, casually, will have given us a year of high bills. In 2022, 8ruki multiplied with PoweredByRuki, an evolving project whose tracklist has already been extended twice, and which should continue to grow. But he will also have posed some insolent performances of ease scattered here and there as is particularly the case with Binks Beatz. After “Paderyl”, the duo gives a layer, delivering “MANY MANE” and its clip directed by DirectedBySerge.

YG Pablo – “Imagine”

This is a welcome return. Discreet for several months, YG Pablo returns to us today with the soaring “Imagine”, before, why not, stepping up a gear. Produced by Eliasodt and Smokhix, the track tells a love story, a theme that the Belgian has mastered at his fingertips.

Zeu – “Riot With Style”

Decidedly, therefore, Zeu has decided to deliver music only in December. After the great BOSS’S ORDERS, released on the last day of 2021, we had to be patient. A year later, Zeu is back with “Riot With Style”, an effective no-melody on which the rapper once again puts his sharp rhymes. We hope that this song calls for others, and that the kicker will come back to us more quickly than the last time.

Hipo – “Let It Go”

Hipo delivers a melancholic new single recounting the post-breakup. On a heady production, signed Julien Malleret, the rapper approaches this universal theme not without difficulty but with a touch of hope, like the ray of sunshine which illuminates his face on the cover. A unique title.

Spider Zed – “25 years”

More than 2 years after the release of Intermittent YoungSpider Zed will return on January 13, 2023 with a new album: heart club. While waiting for the new year, the rapper offered us a new clip “25 years”. A clever mix between authenticity, self-mockery, and introspection.

Eesah Yasuke – “Drive”

After a year 2022 spent on stage, Eesah Yasuke is back today with the energetic “Drive” with jersey highlights, produced by Lucci. A piece on which the rapper delivers a performance while mastering and remarkably well written, as usual.

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