The most famous crab pokemon of all time

by Youssef

PokemonThe bestselling anime of the 2000s is the most exciting anime series ever presented to us. Our childhood is incomplete without Pokemon (I mean, there isn’t a single kid in the year 2000 who doesn’t know Pokemon.) So we decided to take out Pokemon 8 Popular Crab according to the fan base.

Pokemon aired one year after Nintendo released the game. So, Pokemon was originally a game, then turned into an anime, and then a manga released soon after. We know that Pokemon comes in 18 different types – Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Fly, Fight, Poison, Electric, Earth, Rock, Psychic, Ice, Insect, Ghost, Steel, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy. Let’s get out our Pokedex and go to the 8 most popular crab Pokemon.

1. Crabomenable

Crustacean Pokémon covered with white fur, which was introduced in the seventh generation. Crab Pokémon This is a fighting/ice pokemon. . It is also known as “Wooly Crab Pokemon”.

Crabominable abilities include – hyper cutter, iron fist and stealth ability, and rage point. The Crapbomenable It evolved from nothing else, Crab Crawler.


2. Crab Crawler

Next in the line is my favourite, Crab Crawler he is Fighting type pokemon. It was introduced in the seventh generation as a competitive Pokemon that hates to lose. The claws are shaped like a pair of boxing gloves making them look strong and indestructible.

Heavy hitter can easily split tree trunks when competing for ripe berries. Personally, I find Pokemon very attractive because it is purple and blue.

crab pokemon

Crab Crawler

3. Krabi

Water-type Pokémon, introduced in the first generation, is a tanned and red Pokémon with two long pincers as its distinguishing feature.

Crustacean Pokemon has a strong outer shell with light tan arms. These physical attributes help Krabi With abilities – from Hyper Cutter and Shell Armor. He can use camouflage as well.

crab pokemon


4. Crust

Developed from the awesome Dwebble, this Pokémon is another crab Pokémon known as Shell. The Bug/Rock-type Pokémon first appeared in the fifth generation and can get in and out of its sedimentary rock-like shell. This adorable crab pokemon can weigh up to 200 kg.

Crustle is armed with a very cool power called odor destroying. Its greatest weapon is the thick brown claws that can trigger a devastating effect of various attacks on its opponent.

crab pokemon


5. Parasect

Parasect It is another famous crab pokemon. This insect-like Pokémon is being taken over by a parasitic mushroom on its back. This Pokemon hybrid is a big red flag for trees. It has been known to infect trees, depleting the entire tree of its nutrients until it dies.

It thrives in the jungle and is mostly seen fighting shinotites (a mushroom-like Pokémon) over the lands, making them natural enemies.

Parasect |  izi.TRAVEL

6. Kingler

The evolution of Krabi is Kingler. Now Kingler is great for two reasons – first, it’s a powerful Pokemon, and then second it’s GIGANTAMAX shape. For example, the opponent is hit by the giant pincer, the game is over. The huge tong has 10,000 horsepower but ends up getting in the way most of the time. Attacks are 100 times stronger when Kingler is in Gigantamax form. The left tong will destroy anything in its path. However, having pincers that strong is a trick because then it ends up weakening the Pokemon.

popular crab pokemon


7. Double

popular crab pokemon


This adorable crab Pokémon has the most beautiful eyes. They are the definition of a puppy’s eyes. It is one of the shortest types of rocks. He examines the rocks and finds the one that best suits her back rather than the shell. After finding a rock, he gives it a shell-like sculpt with its corrosive spray.

Fun fact, Dwebble is a very useful Pokemon when it comes to Nuzlocke.

8. Kabuto

popular crab pokemon


Crab Pokemon is rare but still popular. Kabuto is small and resembles a horseshoe crabs. As for the eyes, they aren’t the same as Dwebble’s cute jelly-like eyes. Kabuto has luminous dark red eyes. They are known to be good swimmers, after all, they are found in the oceans.

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