The Most Overlooked Rune Factory 5 Crafting Items, Explained

Rune Factory 5 It has a powerful crafting system – cooked dishes, medicines, armor and weapons can be crafted and customized. Of all these, systems for crafting weapons and armor are the most complex, containing hundreds of possible manufacturing materials and dozens of recipes. The game doesn’t go out of its way to explain the intricacies of these mechanics, either.

to Rune Factory 5‘s Credit, in-game descriptions of most items include their effects when used in crafting. However, some of the game’s most valuable items have vague descriptions and can leave players guessing about their potential uses. Sometimes descriptions describe the item as being completely useless or doing more than just providing a distinct text. This guide will explain what to do with these secretly useful items, including how to use them and where to find them.

Shadow stone is great for weapon improvement

The description of the Shade Stone in-game might lead players to anticipate the item’s effect on dark spells, but its real use has much more benefit than that. Adding a Shadow Stone to a weapon while crafting it or applying it as an upgrade reduces enemies’ initial resistance. When a weapon enhanced with Shadow Stones is used in combat, the opponent’s defense against elemental attacks decreases. This is different from ignoring their magical defense, as some enemies can actually be healed by offensive spells if they have a high enough elemental resistance. Adding Shadow Stones to weapons can save you a lot of precious RP and craft weapons with specific elemental attributes that are viable against any enemy.

Shade Stones are extracted from Shade Stone Ore. This rare ore appears only in one location during the story campaign: Atohl’s End 2F. After completing the main story and unlocking the Rigbarth Maze, she can be found in the Rigbarth Maze 17F at a standstill, following a group of High Fairies. Since Atohl’s End 2F and Rigbarth Maze 17F have the same map layout, both locations are marked in the image above.

The white stone is the most valuable in the late game

Adding the white stone to the armor recipe or adding it as an upgrade improves the abilities of the family members in the player’s party. This is similar to the effect of a Dolphin Brooch accessory item. Unfortunately, this means that the White Stones will not be really useful until the player gets married and has children.

The white stones are dropped by the boss at the end of Everlasting Darkness 4F. This particular boss is immune to Spell Seal, so the item will only drop once the boss is defeated. There are several ways to increase item drop rates, or the player can use the save point on the other side of the door to the boss’s yard to try again and again until they drop.

Object X is dangerous but useful

This seemingly useless poisonous drink is actually one of the most powerful crafting tools in the entire game. When added to a recipe, Object X reflects the effects of the next two additional items, and when used as an upgrade material, it reflects the effects of all subsequent upgrades. Used in conjunction with items that have negative crafting effects, such as Mealy Apples, Object X can craft a practically invincible shield against any elemental damage. For example, using Object X with two oils when making an Amethyst Ring, as pictured above, might yield an Amethyst Ring with an additional +60 percent fire resistance.

Object X is the easiest element to get in this guide. Created on failure to craft medicine with alchemy set, so simply toss any low-value item that occupies inventory space and prepare it. Other items that work well with Object X upgrades can also be crafted using the chemistry set – Sour Drop, Heavy Spice, Sweet Powder, and Mixed Herbs all provide passive elemental resistance in crafting recipes.

Add Scrap Metal + to the recipe when crafting a weapon and the damage output will be changed to one. While this may not seem useful at first glance, this makes cultivation of Double Steel and Tenfold Steel from Gemsqueeks (which spawn in Cloudheim 2F) much easier. Gemsqueeks will drop double steel or tenfold steel every time they are hit, but their health is very low and they will be killed in one hit of most weapons. Since Double Steel and Tenfold Steel double the effect of previous materials used to upgrade an item, they are worth their weight in gold.

Scrap Metal+ isn’t too hard to get, either: you simply fail to make a shield or a recipe for a weapon. This usually results in regular scrap metal, but this will occasionally produce Scrap Metal+. For quick results, keep going through the piles of scrap metal.

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