The new Superman trusts Nightwing more than Batman

After he encounters Batman, Jon Kent seeks advice from Nightwing about trusting, showing how much he values ​​his mentor’s opinion.

John Kent’s friendship with Nightwing has come a long way in a short period of time. at Superman: Son of Kal El #11 (by Tom Taylor, Sian Turmy, Federico Blee, Matt Hermes, and Dave Sharp), after being confronted by Batman over his friend’s trustworthiness, Jon seeks Nightwing for advice. This demonstrated how much Superman had faith in Nightwing, as he went to him for personal advice rather than his immediate family.

It also showed that despite his respect for (and slight fear of) Batman, Jon is not willing to take him at face value. He wanted a second opinion just to make sure of the right course of action. As it turned out, after a few days of working together Jon convinced that Nightwing was a better judge of character than Batman.

It’s not farfetched that Jon will go to Nightwing first. While he understands that Batman is the world’s greatest detective, he’s also spent enough time around the guy and heard enough of other people’s opinions of him, to know that Batman can be paranoid. As such, his opinions about whether or not a person is trustworthy can be biased due to his personal opinions and beliefs. What he will need next is someone with similar skills, but a more objective opinion.

This makes Nightwing the perfect candidate. Not only does he have years of training under Batman, but he’s also the most socially adaptable Robins. John shares a lot of his views on people, but that tempered the experience that John lacks. This is something John will appreciate in his new mentor; To have someone he can relate to, but also someone to give him a straight answer that isn’t restricted by personal beliefs.

The fact that John also went to Nightwing before his mother or grandparents, who were within walking distance of him, showed how much he appreciated Nightwing. Of course, he also probably wanted to blow off some steam by helping Nightwing fight some of the burners. However, the moment proved that Clarke’s faith in Nightwing was in good standing, as Jon now has a close friend to entrust not only with his professional problems but also a friend who is willing to listen to his personal problems.

After all, Nightwing had already given John excellent advice about the many experiences the two had shared. Whether it’s from overcoming guilt over someone who failed to save their life or helping John transcend the metaphor of heroes who are framed for murder. In this case, Jon might have suspected that Nightwing had some experience dating someone less than a stellar past. Nightwing’s advice was simple: Jon talk to Jay about it.

As it turns out, this conversation not only enabled John to get past any fears he might have about Jay’s work with the rebels, but it also enabled him to discover how Bendix was controlling the puppets. In the process, John manages to redeem himself and save the life of a man who would have died had he not received such good advice from his friend and mentor.

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