The one who betrayed the rebels at the party


I believe that Lindbergh, one of the leaders of the Revolutionary Army, may have betrayed the revolutionaries in Reverie.

This theory operates on the assumption that Lindbergh is based on Charles Lindbergh, a World War II-era American pilot.

  • Lindbergh is an inventor Charles Lindbergh was an inventor
  • Lindbergh wears pilot glasses and flies with a jet bag / Charles Lindbergh was a pilot
  • Lindbergh is a high-ranking member of the Revolutionary Army / Charles Lindbergh was a high-ranking member of the US Air Force
  • Lindbergh seemed reluctant to attack at Reverie Charles Lindbergh did not want the United States to challenge Germany
  • Obviously, their names are very similar

Despite serving in the US Army in World War II, Charles Lindbergh was a known Nazi sympathizer. He believed that preserving European blood was more important than democracy, and he was vehemently opposed to the idea of ​​the United States and the United Kingdom joining World War II. He was often praised in Germany and even received a medal from Hitler.

His actions and words led him to consider President Roosevelt a traitor.

So I think the failure of the revolutionaries at Reverie was at least partly caused by Lindbergh’s betrayal.

* theory Christ Bee 97

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