The potential significance of Sanji’s victory against the Queen


The only thing I love about these last two chapters about Sanji is that the ambivalence between him and the Queen, shown in so many points, I love.

First, in Chapter 1031 there’s that board that pretty much says it all. Sanji is faced with the one thing he doesn’t want to become, the one thing that is totally against everything he believes in, a cruel and ruthless killing machine worth 0 human life that has modified her body to become what Sanji believes he started to transform into a seemingly unbeatable ultimate soldier. He would execute anyone if his commander ordered him to do so.

In Chapter 1034 we have more examples: such as the queen’s disrespect for a woman, and the concubine stealing because she was not interested in him.

And the only thing more obvious is being a queen who literally uses the same techniques as the Sanji family. Quinn also said something very interesting about this chapter. He wants to prove that his knowledge is superior to that of the Judge, so he will use everything that Vinsmokes and Sanji have crushed to prove his superiority as a scientist.

This was his goal and the reason why he wanted Sanji to wear the suit. Sanji ended up destroying her so maybe we can’t really say that’s still his goal, but the one thing I think is really relevant is that it actually gives new significance to Sanji’s victory over the Queen.

It’s as if Sanji was up against an entity that represented everything he hated in his family, disrespectful of women, 0 the value of human life, a modified killing machine that had no sympathy for anyone (friends or enemies).

Now what I love about Sanji’s victory is that it will be, first, indirect proof that he has already surpassed Vinsmokes, and second, proof that staying true to himself has already paid off, because it made him defeat the only thing he is afraid of becoming and despised. There is also something about the mouse, I think Sanji saves the concubine, and at the same time, the Mouse, is a great answer to who he really is, and proof that he hasn’t changed.

*by Mugen

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