The real reason for Batuman and the legends of the abolition of tomorrow


Amidst a report on the latest wave of cancellations in the CW, with CharmAnd DynastyAnd Roswell New MexicoAnd 4400And legacies And Naomi They all end at Grid, there was a surprising revelation about the recent cancellations of batuman And The legends of tomorrow in the capital. According to the Hollywood Reporter’s source, the main issue in the decision to end both shows was that the leases of the audio theaters on which the film was shown had expired and Warner Bros. TV not replenished.

The CW is co-owner of CBS Studios (a division of Paramount Global) and Warner Bros.’s Warner Bros. TV from Warner Bros. Discovery, both CW parents have decided they no longer want to own the network and are currently trying to sell CW to someone else, with the potential buyer being Nexstar Media Group, owner of the largest group of local television stations in the United States. The natural order of business when a company is offered for sale is that they start cutting expenses before they buy it and this is one of the main reasons why the network has been in a state of scrap recently.

These expenses also play a role in filming the actual series. Most of the CW shows have been filmed in British Columbia, in or near Vancouver (though CBS Studios recently built a studio in Toronto as well). Vancouver became a popular location for shooting shows which led to a major crisis in studio space and studio staff. Notorious, a few years ago when FX . was corps He went to go to a movie in Vancouver, and was only able to find studio space in what was once the Safeway supermarket distribution warehouse. One of the executive producers of the show pointed“It doesn’t have the ceiling height or power supply that a normal studio would have, but we’re managing.”

batuman And The legends of tomorrow in the capital Both had studio space in the Canadian Motion Picture Park studio complex, which is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, outside Vancouver. Recently, Netflix Signing long-term lease contracts for seven sound stages In the CMPP complex, which shows you how competitive these studio rentals are in the area.

As the future of Warner Bros. unfolds. TV in the wake of WarnerMedia’s recent merger with Discovery, Inc. It stands to reason that the studio was not prepared to commit to another long-term lease on the facility. Of course, things like this tend to be more of the “straw that broke the camel’s back” than anything else. In other words, it will likely only become a factor once The legends of tomorrow in the capital And batuman Offers became a bubble. If you’re not sure whether to return a series, the fact that doing so requires you to sign a new long-term lease on a studio complex may very well be the news that guides you in the direction of saying no.

Interestingly, decades ago, when one of the most popular TV comic book series of all time, Batman, was canceled by ABC after its third season, NBC agreed to receive it for season 4, but then discovered that the show’s sets had already been destroyed and that NBC was not interested in paying to rebuild them all, so the show did not see the fourth season. So there’s a long history of studio space being a factor in the cancellation of a comic book TV series!

source: The Hollywood Reporter

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