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manga anime series The Seven Deadly Sins: Nanatsu no Taizai It debuted in 2014 with a distinguished first season that distinguishes it from its peers. Due to the show’s success, other seasons were produced in the following years, finally ending in 2021. Seven deadly sins He’s still a creator of the shounen genre due to his powerful power system and amazing battles.

middle of Seven deadly sins The plot is the demon clan, which played a huge and evil role in the series. From the Demon Lord to the likes of Chandler & Monspeet, the Demon clan had formidable members who far surpassed most characters in terms of strength. Even the show’s demonic protagonist, Meliodas, was a mobile disaster. These are the strongest members of the Demon Clan.

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10 Indura-Form Derieri

Energy level 150,000
Capabilities Combo star, colossal power, endora transformation

Derieri, who was the purifier of the Ten Commandments, was a core member of the Demon Clan’s elite attack force. Derery hated the Goden clan for killing her sister during the peace treaty between the gods and the devil, and she also has a close relationship with Moonspit, piety of the Ten Commandments. Nothing but demonic aura, Derieri has a unique appearance compared to the other Ten Commandments.

As a member of the Ten Commandments, Derery was powerful in her special attack: Combo Star, increasing her attack power with every hit she landed. However, Derieri is revealed at her strongest while fighting with Ludociel, as she uses Indura Transformation – a powerful but costly move that involves sacrificing her six demonic hearts to fight the Archangel.

9 Indora Forum Moonbeat

rated power level 155000
Capabilities Hellblazes, Hellfire Bird, Flying, Endora Transformation

Monspeet is another central member of the Demon King’s special offensive force, and it serves as the Reservation of the Ten Commandments. As a straggler, Moonbet is not a warrior who seeks violence like most Ten Commandments. He acts as Derieri’s patron, and his actions indicate that he harbors romantic feelings for the Purity Demon.

Monspeet is a powerful demon who specializes in long-range attacks such as Hellblaze, Gokuencho, and Kajinryu. However, similar to Derieri, he sacrificed six of his seven hearts to undergo Indura’s powerful transformation to defeat Ludociel.

8 Chimera Endora

Energy level Anonymous
Capabilities Germs / Generates Creation, Manipulating Darkness

Similar to her Indura brothers, Chimera Indura roams the world of demons and is extremely powerful. Seven deadly sins He revealed that the mindless beast was initially a member of the Last Ten Commandments; However, the reason for the demon’s degradation into Indura is not shown in the series.

Chimera Indrua has a terrifying appearance with many faces and high magical power. While fighting the Seven Deadly Sins with the creature, the group had to use compound attacks to subdue it, demonstrating the creature’s unbridled strength. Chimera Indura could have rank higher, but he’s a reckless beast, so he can’t devise the tactical strategies needed for an all-out battle.

7 Chandler’s Ultimate Form

Energy level 173000
Capabilities Absolute Cancellation, Full Counter, Volume Play, Crimson Requiem, Beam Annihilation

As the former master of Meliodas and a remnant of the original demon, Chandler has exceptional strength, holding the title of the highest ranked demon in the Demon Clan. Despite Chandler’s appearance resembling an old man, the character has accomplished feats that make him one of the most powerful characters in Seven deadly sins.

Although Chandler and Cusack were equal at birth, over time, Chandler’s level of strength has surpassed Cusack’s, especially with his powerful skills. One of these skills was Absolute Cancel, which he used to dispel the Perfect Indomitable Cube of Merlin.

6 True zeldris form

Energy level 230,000
Capabilities Ominous Nebula, Huge Power, Magic Cancellation, Hellblaze

Zeldris was first introduced in the second season of Seven deadly sins As the leader of the Ten Commandments, he serves as a commandment of piety. Later, it is revealed that he is the brother of Meliodas and the son of the Demon King. Zeldris, the executioner, was trained by Cusack and Meliodas, both powerful demons, so his martial skills were first-rate from the start.

In various stages of the series, Zeldris has fought toe-to-toe with fantastic characters such as Escanor, Ludociel and Archangel Mael, with his powerful abilities as the ominous Nebula who rivals the venerable Escanor “The One”.

5 Original Gowther

Energy level unknown
Capabilities Invasion – mind manipulation

The original Gowther – the demon who created Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins – is one of the most mysterious characters in the show; However, his extraordinary achievement impresses fans with the idea that he could rival even the strongest characters in the series. Satan, Gowther, served the king of demons as altruism of the Ten Commandments.

Surprisingly, the Demon Lord praised his ability, and the invasion hinted at the character’s potential strength. Similar to Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins, he can modify and alter his target’s memories. Gowther’s greatest achievement was to single-handedly stop the Holy War by manipulating the memories of everyone, even the extremely powerful Demon Lord.

4 Estarossa with the Four Commandments

rated power level 200,000
Capabilities Fast Regeneration, Huge Speed, Huge Strength, Full Meter, Heelples

Estarossa is one of the most controversial characters in Seven deadly sins. Originally, Estarossa was Mael, a Sagittarius angel and a central member of a clan deity. For much of the series, Estarossa has been classified as a demon with demon-based abilities and skills. In addition, Estarossa served as a devotee of the Ten Commandments.

Estarossa was, in one will, strong enough; However, after destroying his fellow Ten Commandments members and eating the Three Wills, Estarossa’s power increased dramatically, surpassing most members of the Demon Clan. Although Estarossa was stronger in his original form, his demonic form was just as impressive.

3 The original devil

Energy level 341000
Capabilities Massive Power, Crisis, Hellblaze, Death Engine

The original demon, also referred to as a “sinner,” was the first of the Demon King’s creatures, and it gave him a good percentage of his power. However, after he failed to usurp the power of the Demon King, the King divided him into two demons: Cusack and Chandler.

Cusack and Chandler are two strong personalities with high levels of strength, so they are an unstoppable force. The original demon was able to fight equally with Escanor, the Sin of Pride. For reference, the original demon has the ability to cheat, crunch – it enhances the power of the original demon after each damage. In short, devastating attacks would only increase the devil’s power, making his defeat nearly impossible.

2 Demon King

rated power level 750,000
Capabilities Ruler, high level, awesome power, will, curses

Appearing for the first time in the final season of Seven deadly sins, The Demon King was just as powerful as fans expected. The Demon Lord was the supreme authority in the kingdom of demons and the father of Meliodas and Zeldris. Born alongside The Supreme God, The Demon King of Chaos is among the most powerful characters on the show.

Using half his strength, the Demon Lord created the Ten Commandments, powerful demons that Meliodas and his group members could not easily defeat. His classic ability, The Ruler, allows him to negate any attack directed against him. Towards the end of the series, after reabsorption of the Ten Commandments, the Demon King’s strength increased dramatically, and only Meliodas, the most powerful demon in the story, was defeated.

1 True form Meliodas

rated power level 700,000 – +1,000,000
Capabilities Full Counter, Tremendous Power and Speed, Trillion of Darkness, Manipulation of Darkness

Since the first season of the story, despite his deceptive stature, Meliodas, the Dragon’s Sin, has always shown a tremendous amount of power, especially with his classic move, Full Counter. At the beginning of the series, his powers are sealed off, but he gradually unlocks his powers at critical moments as the story progresses.

Meliodas reached the peak of his power in the Demon King’s Arc. After fighting with the Demon Lord in Purgatory for years, he was able to escape the malign being’s access to the outside world, leading to his final battle. Meliodas thrived after he defeated his father, the Demon King, absorbed the Ten Commandments, and emerged as the most powerful demon and character in the series.

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