The third and final stage of Jambi Sanji!


We all know that Oda definitely loves legends. So since we are going down the path of legends, Sanji must have the third and final stage of Jambe which is sterter jumpy.

In Norse mythology, Surtr . is The primitive fire demon or joten (giant) found in Norse mythology. He’s the first fire giant Who ruled in the fiery wilderness called Mospelheim. Sirte was regent of Moselheim. He stood on the border, waving a flaming sword. In the time of Ragnarok, the apocalypse, Sirte was to lead the fire giants into battle against the gods. It is also one of the “higher evils” in ancient Norse mythology, and the other loki. Serter’s name means “black”. or “The Swarthy One” in Old Norse. In Norse mythology, jötnar (plural for jötunn) is often referred to as “the opposite of the gods”.

Some highlights here:
– Demon of fire
– Loki connection (both Sanji and Loki are lords)
Sartre’s name means “black” and Sanji is a black nickname.
– The opposite of the gods (Sanji is/will be D?)

Back in Thriller Bark, Zoro tells Usopp that if Sanji continues to be angry, he might turn into something. Against the Queen, Sanji says his fire stems from his passion so it’s possible for him to get even more fiery (and we all know Sanji’s passion is unparalleled).

Sanji said that due to his new upgrade of the exoskeleton and the armament he was training with, his legs could finally handle the heat of the flame. Which meant that Sanji could fight for such a long period of time, only that his legs would not be able to withstand the shock and heat.

According to Islamic mythology, Ifrit, which is also spelled as efret, afrit, and afreet, is a powerful type of demon in Islamic mythology. Orcs are often associated with the underworld and are also identified with spirits of the dead, and they have been compared to the evil spots in European culture.

I’d like to add some small personal theory here, Diable Jambe would be an orange/red flame, while Ifrit is actually blue. Then the third stage, Serter, could be a black flame. I think that would be symbolic given how Oda pulled the pun with “3” for Sanji. Sanji’s three stages, three colors of flames, etc.


Biodegradable jumpy:

Everett Gamby:

Sirter Gamby:

* theory Zorro goat d

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