the unbearable ambiguity around their album


Scheduled for their dates at La Défense Arena, Return of the Kings, new album by Sexion d’Assaut, is still not available. A chimera that becomes embarrassing.

It has been almost ten years since Return of the Kings makes fans of the Sexion d’Assaut fantasize. Announced right after the release of their latest sensationally successful project, the apogee, the album was to mark the reunion of the various members, who had taken various trajectories. Many adventures animated the news of this opus during the previous decade, linked to the labels and the schedules of the rappers. But finally, it was announced very officially at the end of the year for the event dates of the group at La Défense Arena on May 14 and 15.

Except that here, on D-Day, no album was put on sale for the fans who came to attend the performance of Sexion d’Assaut. Gims had briefly and quite discreetly mentioned the delay on the project during an interview on Skyrock Few days ago. The video only got 14,000 views, no further announcements were made about it. And the case becomes relatively unpleasant for the fans, who do not understand the contradictory announcements of the group. In the comments of their clips, some of them demand explanations, and especially more visibility on the sequel.

“We are not running away from the question of the album, confessed Gims for Skyrock. It is obvious, there is a delay on the project. We don’t talk about it, because we have a good time, people love the shows. Everyone leaves with something positive. We don’t want to bring something back to the table that is a bit of a disappointment for them. We are on the file, it is progressing. For now, the rooms are full, people come, it’s important. Maybe, but the lack of communication around the album maintains a vagueness that becomes embarrassing.

The Assault Sexion: Return of the Kings will never come out?

Because the tour itself is called Return of the Kings. And if no album was announced at the time of the opening of the ticket office, the Sexion d’Assaut was careful not to maintain the mystery. Black M had first certified that no project would accompany this return to the stage, before the hypothesis of the album took more momentum. It was confirmed on December 6, 2021 duringa publication on Twitter since not found, but relayed by Movement. It becomes incomprehensible for the fans.

The story is even delicate when we know that the album was a marketing tool to promote the tour, and in particular the two deadlines at La Défense Arena. In addition, the Sexion d’Assaut announced from the outset that Return of the Kings would not be available for streaming, and would only be sold physically during the tour starting May 14. The idea was then to favor the direct link with their community. “It’s all the prestige in fact, to bring a project like that especially for such a long-awaited return. Here we are talking about a product that will be collector. So you have to deliver it in a certain way”certified Gims at PureBreak.

And to add: “It’s like when you go to the museum to see a masterpiece. There, our museums will be throughout France and the central museum will be in Paris, at La Défense, where we will deliver the product on May 14.. In any case, on Saturday and Sunday May 14 and 15, if the museums were open, the works had been visibly removed from the walls. In addition, the “Return of the Kings” tour continues until this summer, when the Sexion d’Assaut is scheduled for several festivals. And if Gims has announced the delay on the album, it now seems unlikely that the group will continue to favor indoor sales even though the number of dates is reduced week after week. In the end, we gradually understand that Return of the Kings was abandoned along the way, but the very discreet communication of the collective on this subject certainly remains problematic for the fans.

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