The Witcher 4 must be inspired by novels

It’s not entirely clear where Witcher games might go after The Witcher 3, but the books that inspired the series offer one compelling option.

The popular fantasy game series CD Projekt Red the magician It seems to have come to a natural conclusion with 2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but with more the witcher On the horizon, it’s time for the studio to see where its main series could turn next. Enter the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski.

the magician The games have been loosely adapted from Sapkowski’s books, but the first game actually begins long after the events of the novels. The games tell the story of the Third Northern War, the third time the Nilfgaardian Empire has set out to claim the continent (and its first complete military victory), but the books take place over the course of the first two Northern Wars. Geralt of Rivia, the wizard that bears his name, is caught up in the political and personal turmoil of the conflict, which eventually makes him the man fans know from the games.

There is only one video game that takes place during the events of the books: 2018 Thronebreaker: The Witcher Taleswhich places itself firmly in the middle of the Second Northern War, in the middle contempt time And baptism of fireThe second and third the witcher straight stories. The game follows the campaign of Queen Maeve, Queen of Rivia and Lyria against the Nilfguardian Army. Much smaller game than Witcher 3And throne It is designed as a single player alternative to multiplayer game Joint: The Witcher Card Game. Despite her relatively small ambitions, throne presents an interesting idea for Witcher 4: Instead of looking for a new and original story, why not fill in the blanks left in the books?

Some have speculated that Witcher 4 He’d stay away from books entirely, but with so many stories left to tell during the age of novels, it’ll be exciting to see CD Projekt Red dip his toes into a more straightforward adaptation than the first three titles in the series. . Since the books are told primarily from Geralt’s perspective, there is plenty of room to reinterpret Sapkowski’s stories from the perspective of other characters, as CDPR did with throne.

For example, what was Milva, a hunter who eventually became one of Geralt’s most valuable companions, until the early days of Nilfgaard’s conquest? What stories can be told about Ciri’s brief stint with the Rats, a group of outlaws who take her for a while in the books? Poet Dandelion spends a long time away from Geralt, sharing his adventures about which little is known. These are all stories ready to be explored. There may be no follow up Witcher 3End, but there is certainly room to study past events in the world.

The unveiling of the new Lynx school seems to be proof of that Witcher 4 It will not directly adapt to any of the books’ story. However, CD Projekt Red can still find space to tell new stories that take place more concretely within the context of the novels, and to explore the lives of characters left on the fringes of the Sapkowski series.

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