The X-Men Quiet Council uses the action to neutralize the Wildcard threat

The following contains spoilers for Immortal X-Men #2, now on sale from Marvel Comics

The X-Men find themselves increasingly grappling with internal threats even though they are all nominally united under the banner of one mutant nation. But it turns out that there is only one way to deal with the problems on the island for extended periods – all of which are technically too much.

The Council of Tranquility’s decision to follow their rules to the letter allows to keep Celine from resurrecting after her death in Immortal X-Men #2 by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, David Curiel and VC’s Clayton Cowles – a horrifyingly efficient use of bureaucracy to overturn one of Krakoa’s most dangerous mutants.

Immortal X-Men #2 Focuses heavily on the fallout from Celine’s decision to run Krakow. After being voted for a seat on the Quiet Council, the ancient villain used her magical powers to turn the outer portal into a gigantic monster. While the Quiet Council and Krakoa did a good job of containing and distracting the creature, Hope Summers used her ability to imitate other powers to take what she needed and carried out a surprise assassination of Selene. This allowed the five to instantly revive her – giving them the opportunity to gain access to her sanity and undo the spell. However, Celine was not given the opportunity to explain herself or face real consequences for her actions.

Instead, once the Quiet Council had the means to stop the creature from her mind, they quickly executed her again (with Exodus carelessly slashing her neck). For her crimes, the Quiet Council decided that if she was immediately revived, she would be condemned to the Hole – the prison built within Krakoa and intended for those who violate the Three Fundamental Laws of Krakoa. However, doing so will take experience – and will likely give the resourceful and powerful Selena a chance to try to save her own skin. Instead, the Quiet Council chose to leave Selene at the bottom of the resurrection queue, arguing that they could return her when they got to her.

Given that Krakow has made clear her determination to revive every mutant killed in the Genoshas – all 16 million of them – it’s likely that Selene will wait a long time before she can be restored to life and even defend her cause, let’s alone resume her role in X-Corp. It’s a surprisingly cruel move by the Quiet Council, one that uses government bureaucracy to more or less remove a wild card from the playing field. As an ancient and powerful outer character, Selene’s magical skills and mutant abilities made her a uniquely dangerous character, even in the Peace Era. But in the pit, she may have found allies in Sabretooth or been able to bestow her influence on others – or perhaps she has found a semblance of peace.

Now just a statistic in a long list of dead mutants, Celine could easily fade from the spotlight until such time as the Quiet Council deems it necessary to revive her. In fact, the Quiet Council found the perfect way to use basic red tape to constrain their opponents. While this means that the X-Men and their allies will be safe from Selene for the time being, it also opens a dangerous precedent. The Quiet Council could theoretically decide to drag their feet on any deceased mutant – even those with genuine heroic motives who faced the machinations of the Council’s most ruthless pillars. By discovering an insidious but truly effective way of dealing with problematic mutants, the Quiet Council may have opened up as a simple and terrifying bureaucratic tool for someone like Mystique, Mister Sinister or Sebastian Shaw to offend.

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