“There was a rise in pressure”


For Alohanews, Laurent Bouneau returned to the stormy relationship between Skyrock and Freeze Corleone and the withdrawal of “Rap Catechism” from the airwaves.

In September 2022, The Phantom Menace will blow out its second candle. Freeze Corleone’s first album will have been for many the flagship event of the beginning of the decade in French rap. Embracing a fairly new commercial success, the rapper ran into LICRA reservations, giving rise to a wide-ranging controversy over his lyrics.

Carried to the highest echelons of the state, the main effect of the story will have been the ephemeral withdrawal of certain pieces of the rapper from various platforms, such as YouTube or Deezer. While “Rap catechism” had returned to rotation on Skyrock, Laurent Bouneau made the decision to withdraw the piece from the airwaves. At the time, he explained himself on Twitter. But recently, he returned at length to this episode and the rocky relationship between the radio and Freeze Corleone for Aloha news.

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Too much pressure build-up

First of all, the programming director at Skyrock returned to his choice to return “Rap catechism” to the playlist. He who has always claimed his position of modeling his broadcasts on current trends could have chosen “Freeze Raël”, “the true masterpiece of the album” according to him.

But it is in reference to his passive with Alpha Wann that Laurent Bouneau chose the collaboration between the two kickers. Even questioning the rapper’s comments on Yard : “It was a wink besides that I enter “Rap catechism”. It was a nod to Alpha Wann on a controversy. I never called Alpha Wann a rap catechism (Editor’s note. “ecclesiastical rap”). So that, I don’t know, was invented, but it’s not very serious.

Three days later, the song was removed from the radio playlist, after a political whirlwind. “There was a rise in pressure, the week when we returned the title, very important on the part of the public authorities, he continues. The Minister of the Interior at the time and 250 to 300 deputies in France (note. The Obs note about fifty in September 2020), at one point called on media and platforms to remove Freeze Corleone. (…) So we put on stand-by“.

Laurent Bouneau:You don’t fight evil with evil»

A decision which raises the question of a possible censorship, while Freeze Corleone was ultimately never condemned. “It’s really stupid thoughhe admits. There is a genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo: we have to fight for it to be recognized. But to say: “I don’t give a damn about the genocide of the Jews”, because we think that nobody gives a damn about the genocide in the DRC, is profoundly stupid. That’s what I call discrimination in horror“.

Without questioning the talent of Freeze Corleone and the quality of LMF, Laurent Bouneau admits that he cannot endorse his way of doing things. “He’s a talented guy, his album was a bomb, he describes. I took a slap on this album, like I took a slap on Mauvais Oeil. (…) But you don’t fight evil with evil, I think it’s still very stupid“.

Because the story, we know it. While LMF achieves quite remarkable figures during its first week of operation, the LICRA publishes a video grouping together the most problematic phases of Freeze Corleone. Most are from his old projects. But it is his first album that will pay the price: “It’s like always. You talk bullshit, but you’re not successful so you’re under the radarexplains Laurent Bouneau. And then as soon as you go out, there you get shot. The album that was potentially the least attackable by Freeze Corleone, it’s the last and it’s the one that paid for all the others“.

Freeze Corleone: “Fuck Skyrock, R.A.F of the radios”

In addition, the programming director of Skyrock admits to not being sure of the true motivations of the rapper. “He still left through all his albums beforehand, like on this one, by referring to it. There were no potentially explicit comments there, but he still referred to them beforehand. We can’t say 100% that the guy is just in the provocation. It’s not true“.

Finally, the story between the radio and the rapper seems to be coming to an end. In fact within RYAD SADIOhis latest project in collaboration with Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone violently attacked Skyrock: “Fuck Skyrock, R.À.F des radios”. A position that absolutely does not bother Laurent Bouneau. Which also had the merit of making smile Shone, the rapper’s manager.

Because, the director of programming now considers the problem as well and truly resolved. “Anyway, problem solved for me. he concludes. He said, “I don’t care about Skyrock”. The responsibility that I could have… Because I had debates here. I had an hour-long debate with the founding president. I said to him: “Careful. He’s still a very strong guy. A very good rapper, that’s for sure. We will have to move”. And then it happened: “I don’t want to be played. I don’t give a damn.” Perfect. The problem is solved“. Removed from the playlists of SkyrockFreeze Corleone still enjoys impressive commercial success: LMF has since been certified platinum.

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