Tomodachi leaves friends behind and ends betrayal with a kiss


The following contains spoilers for Tomodachi Game Episode 6, “I Really Can’t Be Friends With a Killer” is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Tomodachi . game Things escalate as she finishes the second round of her megalomania-fueled competition. Yuuichi successfully corners Tenji, revealing him to be the villain behind the malicious rumors circulating in a particular activity and the culprit who came forward to play the Tomodachi game in the first place. But just as true friendship seems to have won the day, a surprising development separates all but two of the group’s members from the others. Amid a whirlwind of secrets, this leads to the announcement of a murder, followed by an equally exciting love career.

The episode begins after Tenji is revealed as the traitor who subjected everyone to the Tomodachi game to begin with. Tenji is forced to confess his betrayal thanks to Yuichi’s ploy, shortly before Yuichi reveals the intricate details of his plan. Although it seemed at first glance that the bonds between friends might be breaking down, Yuuichi was actually slipping other people’s messages through the scraps of paper used in the game to secretly communicate between them. This allowed him to direct Sawaragi, Kokorogi, and Shibe to continue the stunt while actually maintaining goodwill between them.

Although he used the elimination process to recruit all of them, his main gameplay was that he asked the others to assign him their name tags during the game’s events. Since allowing another player to see the debt counter on the name card will double the amount owed, allowing someone else to handle it ensures that there is no betrayal or deviation from strategy. Of course, Yuuichi momentarily left his name card with the others as well to prove his commitment to the idea.

This kind of tactical thinking is exactly what caught the attention of directors who were watching Tomodachi behind the scenes. The unnamed pair who oversaw the events paid special attention to Yuuichi, believing him to be the most analytically intelligent of the group. After rewinding the game footage to see Yuuichi’s plan in action, one of the rulers even compares him to a sect leader due to the fact that he was able to manipulate his friends’ actions and leave them smiling.

However, the most detailed part of Yuuichi’s scheme lies in his latest move, where he takes charge of the outcome of the game itself. Until that point, Sawaragi had stuck firmly as the closest to the end. If the competition had continued in this way, according to Tenji’s whims, Sawaragi would have been forced into the third game of the Tomodachi Game herself. However, at the last second, Yuuichi seemed to have sacrificed himself to bear this burden. Using a loophole that penalizes any liars during the game, Yuichi admitted that he lied in writing that Chibi killed someone, and shockingly announced that he had killed three people.

This announcement seals the score as Yuuichi moves into match three, leaving the rest of the team behind, but in doing so, leaves his friends in disarray. Confused and conflicted by the nature of his confession, Yuuichi may have saved them from having to face more agonizing games ahead, but it left them all in a waking nightmare of mistrust. The logic of Yuichi’s actions at this point was still not quite as clear as the events that led him to take the lives of three different people, but the validity of his claims had already been proven true.

However, Episode 6 somehow managed to drop another surprise before the credits even started. In the dispute, Tenji steals Yuuichi’s thunder by declaring that he himself also lied. Tenji upends everyone’s expectations, and claims that his presentation of being in a romantic relationship with Sawaragi was not true – on the grounds that he allegedly loves Yuuichi. As proof of this assertion, Tenji forcibly accepted Yuuichi, beat the Tomodachi Game sponsors and received the same penalty as Yuuichi to move on to the next round.

As surprising as it may be, the use of gay kiss as a curveball is almost questionably retro, as it reduces the potential of queer romance to a shock factor. Admittedly, it is possible that Tenji lied about his emotions toward Yuuichi as part of a complex move to continue the game. However, if his progression turned out to be correct, that would explain what he meant when he cursed Yuichi because he “made him feel that way,” as he said earlier.

While this episode may have finally finished the Bad Mouth Board game, it raises countless new questions in what has been revealed. Aside from Yuuichi’s past and his resolve to his friends, the management team is leaking the fact that Tenji has apparently played Tomodachi before. This would explain his huge debt but create a mystery as to who he played with and the reason for his previous involvement. Yuuichi and Tenji will have to find answers to these mysteries together as they struggle through their strained partnership in upcoming games.

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