Top 10 3rd Generation K-Pop Female Singers


Top 10 3rd generation Kpop singers
Top 10 3rd generation Kpop singers

Every era in K-pop always brings something new. The industry is constantly improving and revolutionizing the way we perceive music. However, if there is one thing that has remained constant throughout these generations of K-pop, it is undoubtedly the rich songs of Korean artists. In recognition of their hard work and for blessing us with their voice, let’s count the top 10 third-generation K-pop female singers on today’s list.

Before we get too deep into it, 3rd generation K-pop includes all the groups that debuted from 2009 to 2019. This era is really memorable as it produced some of the best performing artists in the world today. Moreover, the Great World Fracture was also largely achieved in this period. Some of the popular 3rd generation groups are BTS, EXO, and GOT7. While you can read about these singers here, let’s focus on the power of female idols for now!

Top 10 3rd Generation K-Pop Female Singers

The list below is made purely based on our opinion and preferences. We fully respect difference of opinion. Moreover, given the talent that overflows among the idols. If we were to include every single idol out there, the list would undoubtedly be endless. And then, with our best efforts, we condensed the entire ocean into a puddle. Here is our ranking of the top 10 3rd generation K-pop female singers.

10. Solar Power from Mamamoo

Solar from Mamamoo sure has a voice that is not easily forgotten. Its performance in music calms the listening ear. Furthermore, her aura on stage was unparalleled as it radiated absolute power. In fact, Solar is the lead vocalist of the girl group Mamamoo. In 2020, she also slightly changed her path to start her career as a soloist. Her first album was Spit It Out. Her mesmerizing vocals surely made us choke on our water! Solar energy has also been a part of many of the OST’s products. In addition, she also appeared on the show The Masked Singer, sweeping the audience off their feet again! Catch her latest single, here!

9. Chungha

Personally, we respect ChungHa with great respect. She has left her mark in the hearts of fans as a soloist. Her dominant vocals exudes a grit and determination that one cannot help but fall in love with! Paired with this is her perfect features, which really simulate the image of the goddess. She made her solo debut in 2017.

Top 10 3rd generation female kpop singers

Prior to that, she performed as a member of the project girl group IOI which started with her debut album, Hands on Me. Where the title track itself began to break the internet, it has come a long way in 2022. As of today, ChungHa has several collaborations and mini albums to add to her list of accomplishments. Furthermore, she tested positive for Covid-19 in late 2020. This forced her to stop all her activities for a while. However, she is back with great fanfare, and we can’t wait to see how she fares in the future!

8. Twice’s Park Jihyo

Undoubtedly, Park Jihyo is one of the top 10 third-generation K-pop singers. She has a very subtle and calm voice that sounds completely dreamy and angelic. Furthermore, Jihyo’s talents don’t just end with a pretty face and a pretty voice. She is also a very talented dancer with a strong stage presence that is hard to miss. Her unwavering personality and strength, led her to become the leader of the Twice group. Jihyo has been under the spotlight for various other reasons, including a dating scandal with former Wanna One member Kang Daniel. However, you will always be a lovable pumpkin at heart every time!

Best female singers 2022
Park Ji Hyo

7. Jun Somi

We think Somi and her vocals are underestimated in the K-pop industry as a whole. She has a very melodious voice and is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Jeon Somi is a Canadian Canadian singer who also won a place in the girl group of the project IOI. She landed this spot after winning the #1 title on the variety show Produce 101.

Top 10 female kpop singers
John Somi

However, after the group dissolved and all the members started taking their own paths, Somi started her career as a soloist. In this way, she made her way to the top from the ground up and deserves more recognition and fame. Also due to her dual citizenship, Somi has easily become a global icon adored by fans all over the world!

6. Mini from G-Idle

The only nice thing about Minnie is not just her name but her sweet and warm vocals. Her vocals are a comforting powerhouse, which feels like a warm hug every time we listen to her. She is the lead singer of G-Idle, known for her unique voice. In fact, she always presents herself as the catchy voice of G-Idle. Minnie is an artist whose name has been popular in Thailand since she was born there. As such, she is multilingual and can easily hold a conversation in Thai, Korean and English! Minnie and Shuhua are the only remaining members who haven’t debuted with solo tracks yet. We think Minnie might be next in line and we can’t wait for this to become a reality!

top female kpop singers

5. Twice’s Nayeon

Another member of Twice that made it to the top 10 list of 3rd generation K-pop singers is Nayeon of Twice. She is considered one of the two strongest singers and K-pop in general. Her sharp voice cuts through every difficulty she encounters and helps calm the heart. On top of that, it records so effortlessly and naturally high tones that we can’t help but listen in awe! Especially on I Can’t Stop Me, where she totally ripped the stage up with her strong, strong notes! Furthermore, she is on the way to release her first solo EP.

Top 10 kpop singers

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4. Seulgi and Wendy from Red Velvet

Seulgi is the lead singer of the group, and of course, her vocals are no joke. She has been part of the soundtrack for several Korean dramas as well, such as Uncontrollably Fond, which she released with Wendy. If you’ve ever listened to this, you know the effect its sound has on the listening ear. Furthermore, her colleague Wendy is great when it comes to singing. They are both already a solid duo, and we hope to see more of them together in the future.

Top 10 3rd generation female singers in kpop
Seulgi Wendy

3. Black Pink Jisoo

Another artist that we think is underrated is Jisoo from Blackpink. She has a rather bold voice. However, he is somehow sweet and mellow. Jisoo’s voice is the perfect blend of sweet and salty, and it truly is a match made in heaven. Although she is the only member of Blackpink who does not have a solo debut yet, she has always held a place in the heart of every Blink. Even fans who aren’t Blinks can’t help but appreciate the beauty of her singing!

best kpop singers

2. Yuju from Gfriend

Yuju earned her spot on the list due to her relaxed vocals and ultimate style. Her voice is enough to invoke all the feelings buried deep in your heart. Be it love, sadness, or happiness; Her powerful voices are able not only to express these feelings but also to force her listeners to feel the same. She is truly a benchmark in the industry and deserves more and more recognition for her hard work and perseverance. Yuju started her solo career as of 2022, which depicts a whole new side of her. Catch her solo tracks here!

1. Rose from Black Pink

We’re sure you’ve already guessed who will take the number one spot on this list of the top 10 third-generation K-pop female singers long before its debut! Imagine being draped under the weight of your fluffy blanket on a cold evening, with soothing music humming in the background and a mug of hot chocolate with biscuits as a compliment. Sounds like the best form of comfort, right? This is exactly how we like to describe Rose’s vocals. It is calming, calming and very effective in making us all feel good at the same time! She is without a doubt our favorite singer!

Who else did we miss? Let’s know!

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