Top Netflix movies and shows: Latest movies on May 14, 2022

It’s a new weekend, ladies and gentlemen, which means it’s time once again to rest and enjoy some great content on Netflix. As usual, if someone wants to know what’s featured on the service, they don’t need to look further for listings of TV shows and movies. There are a few things to note today, like the fact that the movie lineup has a new #1 winner in the form of a newly released movie. Small screen menu has also undergone great development, such as Ozark (One of many offers ending in 2022) finally from its #1 position. But which show has succeeded in snatching the crown from the Jason Bateman series? Well, let’s discuss that and more, let’s go.

Rebel Wilson in Senior Year

(Image credit: Netflix)

Top 10 Movies on Netflix in the US – May 14, 2022

This time yesterday, it was at the top of the blockbuster list our father, a chilling true crime documentary that highlights a scheme involving a sperm donor and a fertility doctor. However, the document, which is still in second place, has been surpassed by Rebel Wison’s Graduation Year, which appeared on the broadcast tape on May 13. It’s no surprise that viewers are eager to see the new comedy, as it’s Wilson’s first film role in three years. (I’m sure some are eager to leave That scene inspired by Britney Spears that disturbedtoo.) Elsewhere, Mincemeat . operation It fell from second place to third place, which was previously occupied by fifth place now crack for thieves. animation Marmaduke Adaptation held previously Pointplace but now jumped over one hole.

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