Trapped in the latest arrival of a dating chip makes a bold request to Leon


The following includes spoilers for Episode 6 of Trapped in a Dating Sim, “My First School Festival,” now airing on Crunchyroll.

Trapped in a dating simLeon Bartfort, the reluctant isekai hero, is out of action in this otome game world. While he can use his advanced combat and mecha Armor skills to win individual battles, the real challenge is to form personal connections with everyone around him and build a network of friends and influence. However, Leon rarely likes himself to anyone at this school.

This all changes in Episode 6, when an academy student named Carla Vaux Wayne approaches Leon through former game hero Olivia to ask him a favor. She politely but earnestly asks Carla to save her family, Wenz, and Leon can only stare in shock. He has no idea what to do about it, but refusing Carla could be risky – after all, he has enough enemies already.

Episode 6 begins with a scene familiar to any high school anime fan: a lively school festival filled with food stalls and maid/butler cafes. Leon and his friends host their own café, where Olivia and Angelica help out. Halfway through the festival, Olivia announces Café Leon outside when a blue-haired girl in a school uniform approaches her, asking to be introduced to Leon Bartfort. Olivia finds this baffling, but she does what Carla asks.

Towards the end of the episode, when Leon was already exhausted by bullies and complicated politics, he finally met Karla Vu Wayne, who seems happy to finally get to him. She got down on one knee and humbly asked that Leon save her whole family – but from what she did not say. Much is left unsaid in this episode, leaving Leon and viewers with countless questions that need to be answered.

Carla’s mysterious request can change course Trapped in a dating simThe whole story, or at least the next few episodes while testing Leon’s character. For now, Leon clearly has good reason to be wary of the other students and their requests, because this otome world is full of schemers, liars, and manipulators with a predatory attitude. Leon may take the cautious path and simply refuse Carla’s request, but he may risk angering the Waynes family and may harm his already inadequate social standing. He could become known as the jerk who didn’t bother helping an innocent family when they needed him most.

Then again, this could be a trap, and neither Leon nor the viewers found any strong reason to fully trust Carla with her word. It might be a trick of some sort, designed to eliminate the unpopular Leon and take advantage of its beneficial nature. If he will help Angelica when no one is standing up for her, then surely he will also help polite Carla – thus stumbling into a prepared trap.

Whether Leon answers yes or no to Carla’s request for help, it should reveal a lot about how much he trusts others and how generous he is. Helping Angelica was one thing, but this would be a real test of character. No longer a “mob” character in the background Trapped in a dating sim – He’s the star of the show, and the heroes make tough decisions every day.

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