Unused Xbox Live demo code found in old Burnout 3 from 2004


One lucky Burnout 3 user shows off the hidden treasure in the game chest, even if the Xbox Live treasure is something they can’t use.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the length of service Xbox Live was nearby. Then, the player will find a hidden treasure, such as the treasure found inside the Burnout 3 copy, which revealed an Xbox Live card that is nearly 20 years old.

The service known as Xbox Live debuted two decades ago this year, and it’s been going strong in one iteration of online offerings on Xbox or another for a long time. Over the years, Microsoft hasn’t been stingy about trying to get people to sign up for one of these accounts in order to try out the service. This means that they distributed quite a few trial subscriptions, and used those trial subscription cards to be included in the chests of Xbox games so that people could see all the benefits that might come with a new game.

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It appears that at least one person did not want or needed to use a trial subscription again when the service was still relatively new, as one social media post explains. Redditor took 916s to the site to boast that he had unlocked a used copy of Fatigue 3 I found an unused Xbox Live card from 2004 that allowed its holder to try the service for free for two months.

That particular version of Xbox Live technically no longer exists because it moved to Xbox Live Gold and could eventually disappear (or at least could be its name) entirely. Despite the fact that the service has changed what it offers quite a bit over the years, some other Reddit users were convinced Nine16 can still redeem the embed code.

However, other users have pointed out that even if the rumored Xbox Live Gold is turned off incorrectly, this particular trial subscription card cannot be used for one very simple reason. It turns out that the card has an expiration date of March 31, 2005.

While this card doesn’t make a useful Xbox gift card these days, it’s still an interesting testament to how long Xbox Live has been and how Microsoft has tried to entice gamers to try out a service that allowed them to participate in multiplayer competitions. If nothing else, it’s an interesting keepsake from the early days of Microsoft’s foray into the video game industry.

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