What Alan Wake 2 concept art reveals about the upcoming game

Fans of world-building techniques at Remedy Entertainment have long been expecting a sequel to the icon Alan Wake. Thankfully, an announcement made during The Game Awards 2021 put an end to the baffling wait, as it revealed the state of development for the upcoming game. Rather than reinforcing the progenitor-like aspects of it, Alan Wake 2 Said to be a horror title, the latest art concept testifies to its new direction.

While not providing a definitive conclusion to the bestselling fantasy author’s devious vacation in the Pacific Northwest, Remedy manages to incorporate the game’s lore into the sprawling universe of titles that have followed. Both Quantum break And control Appeared in a large number of Alan Wake Easter eggs, but they can hardly tie off any loose ends, let alone provide a glimpse into the chain’s future. With the Finnish developer recently announcing that it won’t release an in-depth trailer or playable demo this summer, a closer look at the available concept art can reveal many of the details surrounding Alan Wake 2general setting.

Out of five photos shown during Remedy Entertainment Anniversary Update With Alan WakeCreative Director, Sam Lake, provided four insights into the game’s atmosphere. In one, Alan appears to be standing in the middle of a dimly lit street on a rainy night, with ominous black birds in front. The second image shows two illuminated phone booths in an otherwise dark urban area, while the third image has Alan exploring the roof of an unknown building.

Aside from the primary portrayal of supernatural forces at play in a seemingly desolate city and the prevalence of sinister overtones bolstered by rainy weather, the fourth comes as a throwback to the original game. The photo silently captures the ominous nature of a dark forest, and also reveals that the sequel won’t stray too far from its roots. Besides the gloomy appearance of the birds and the careful placement of shaded areas in streaks of night darkness, Alan Wake 2The framework evokes a sense of familiarity, though gears have changed to establish itself as a complete survival horror.

The fifth image deviates from the atmospheric path and presents fans with a mysterious old lady unaffected by the punctured pipeline. She seems to have mastered the art of weaving perfectly, as direct exposure to the glare of a flashlight and constantly pouring water in a confined space does not bother her so much – but there is more than meets the eye. Judging by the color of the cloth and the tendrils at its bottom that seemed to dissolve into a red liquid body, the lady’s area of ​​expertise could include disturbing modifications of the body, certainly not modifications of the faint of heart.

Although fans will have to wait longer for more relevant information about the long-awaited sequel, Remedy Entertainment is determined to create the best possible player experience upon its release. Alan Wake 2 Next year. Those who are particularly nostalgic for the original can reconsider placing it in last year’s remaster, which is also slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch at a later date. While the upcoming TV adaptation will undoubtedly bring the franchise’s premise to greater heights than psychological nuances tinged with elements of horror, how do currently known pieces of puzzle and revealing concept art play a part. Alan Wake 2The new type is not yet clear.

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