What are the sizes of SBS and Tankobon one piece?



Things get a little better when you become a One Piece fan because you get to know things that the average fan doesn’t know or don’t. If you consider yourself a One Piece fan and know nothing about One Piece SBS and Tankobon Volumes, consider yourself someone who has reached their next step of evolution, a fan of anime.

Most of the manga readers are familiar with tankobun sizes as they are in most manga. Let’s go over some basics to understand how manga posts work, as they are different from anime. But similar to the animation, there are a few specific elements that are only present in each view.

As in the anime, we know that One Piece has no endings, while other anime like Attack on Titan provide general information in the middle of the episodes. So for the One Piece manga, we have SBS. It’s unique to One Piece, which is a platform where manga readers interact directly with Oda, the creator of One Piece. Fans can ask him about anything related to the manga. But he didn’t talk about things that didn’t happen yet in the manga. Questions like “What is The One Piece” are not expected to know.

But knowing you’ll get direct information from Oda, he himself meant it’s authentic and since he’s the creator, what he says is final, you won’t get anything better anywhere else. The first thing we know about manga is that they are published weekly. But for One Piece, Oda takes a personal break once per chapter. So in a good month, we have three seasons at most.

What is One Piece SBS?

One Piece is popular in manga volumes because manga is always an introduction and fans always want to know what will happen next. But we’ll cover the main topic above. SBS stands for “Shimotsumon o Boshuu Suru”, which translates to “I am taking questions.” With every One Piece Tankobon volume, Oda has a section dedicated to answering questions fans have written through messages. So if you have some burning questions about One Piece, you may find that some of them have already been answered on SBS.

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But now that we’re done with SBS, I have to clarify the tankupon sizes. Usually, most manga becomes popular through magazines like Shonen Jump, which are published weekly. Shonen Jump manga volumes contain chapters of different manga titles so it helps hardcore manga lovers who want to read their latest manga chapter in Shonen Jum in one place.

Tankobon volumes on the manga contain only several chapters of that specific manga in one place. It can consist of eight or ten chapters in one volume that you can read once. So with each volume you have to wait for the new chapters to be collected into one volume and then read them all at once. This means that One Piece Tankobon folders have the same format. For hardcore manga readers, it’s easy to think about what happened in the last chapters of the manga. This is much easier than one would expect, and knowing that is a good thing.

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