what are we listening to today?


What are we listening to today? On this Friday, May 20, the choice is wide and there is something for everyone. And we’re not going to complain about it.

Alonzo – Northern districts

Seventh album for those who never stop getting younger. Alonzo, the Capo dei Capi now delivers Quartiers Nords. We find there one of the future hits of the summer with Ninho and Naps as well as two collaborations with Skinny Flex and FAYV. The era of Psy 4 seems far away, but Alonzo has never seemed so current. My darling wants Yves Saint Lolo!

Bony Fly & Jne Side – In take

Producer Bony Fly calls on Jne Side for a more than successful connection. The instrumentals of one stick perfectly to the flows of the other, offering us a perfectly balanced project. At the level of the guests we find the cream of Geneva: Aslo and Slimka. A project you can’t pass up.

Coyote Jo Bastard – CNLPG

Coyote Jo Bastard takes us on a journey around the planet with CNLPG. In Argentina with Bhavi, in Nigeria with Ria Sean in Morocco with Madd and in Italy with DrefGold before returning to France to cross paths with Poupie, Liim’s, J9ueve and Zamdane. In total, 10 tracks, including 8 collaborations throughout an energetic and successful project.

BB Jacques – Poetry of an impulse, part. II

This second part was expected and it does not disappoint. BB Jacques hits hard with Poésie d’une pulsion, leaves. II. The Parisian rapper, largely influenced by literature, delivers himself without filters and without detours through 11 pieces where he does what he knows how to do best: rapping. Rapping hard but above all rapping well.

Maydo- Atlas

He’s there. At last. After weeks of increasing the pressure with sharp singles, Maydo delivers his project today Atlas. The Bordeaux rapper is on fire and turns into the perfect host for his three guests: Anis, Mysa and Lacraps. A solid 8-track EP, Atlas imposes Maydo as a rapper to follow in the future.


In an azure whirlwind emerges CHRYSALIS. Timéa’s new EP is a real tornado of sweetness. Within it, eight tracks and two guests: Pollux and Kay The Prodigy. A short and pleasant project, perfect to discover the universe of the young artist. The sweetness of this Friday.

So La Lune – “Happy Ending”

In a week, So La Lune will deliver Fissure de vie. After a year 2021 placed under the sign of productivity which will have allowed him to change dimension, this project will undoubtedly complete a dazzling start to his career. A week may seem like a long time, so to make us wait So La Lune delivers today the superb clip of “Happy Ending”. A chorus of which he alone has the secret, melodies always as sharp and a promise: he will have to be counted on.

Headie One – “22 Carats” (feat. Gazo)

Gazo has been in fine form over the last few months and that hasn’t escaped Headie One. Accompanied, as so often, by Nardey and Scar on production, the author of DRILL FR delivers a melancholy performance in perfect chemistry with his English counterpart on “22 Carats”. While he shocked the whole of Europe on the remix of “Reggae & Calypso”, and a collaboration with Unknown T was teased, Gazo continues to export remarkably internationally. An energy he can be proud of.

Naps – “La Maxance”

The beginning of summer rhymes with Marseille rap. Before the release of his new album TN (Team Naps), on which we will find Gazo, Kalif Hardcore, Alonzo & Morad, SCH and Kaaris & Kalash Criminel, Naps perfectly opens the festivities with “La Maxance”. It smells like summer and we like it.

Euteika – “Carter”

If his next EP will be released on June 10, Euteîka has not wasted his time to impose his voice on which we cannot put a face. After “Satellite” and “Drip” he unveils today “Carter” accompanied by his dark and vaporous clip. Keep an eye on it, you may well hear about Euteika again in the future.

Smahlo – “Betrayal” (feat. Gotti Maras)

After having “Horizon” and “Scenario”, Smahlo returns with “Treason”, a piece on which he invites the Belgian Gotti Maras. accompanied by a clip directed by Rayan Imoula in Brussels, the title produced by Ozhora and Aeony gives pride of place to the significant voice of Smahlo, marrying perfectly with the style of Gotti Maras. If the first generation of Belgian rap marked its time, the new one intends to write its name in capital letters in the current landscape.

Stavo – “High Risk”

The 93 has always been an important department in French rap, and Stavo is perfectly in line with its elders. After a series of songs truly dedicated to Decathlon, he is now moving up a gear with “High Risk”. Promised and announced for a while now, the 13 Block member’s first solo album promises to be spectacular. We can’t wait any longer.

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