What characters are connected to Titanfall?

It is widely known that Apex Legends Happens in the same universe as fall of titan Franchise business. Locations, weapons and characters that appeared in them fall of titan And Titanfall 2 Also appears in Apex Legends. However, the links between fall of titan And climax Much deeper than just engraving and references. in some ways, Apex Legends It is a direct continuation of Titanfall 2.

One of the main opponents of Titanfall 2, Kuban Blisk, has already created the televised blood sport called Apex Games. The popularity, fame, and fortune offered to the winner of the games attracted their gaming legends Apex Legends right Now. Many of these legends have background stories and traditions that link them to fall of titan games. As such, these connections affect the expanded universe created by Respawn Entertainment.

Ash was a Titan pilot in Titanfall 2

Ash is currently the only legend that has directly appeared in fall of titan games. at Titanfall 2The Robot Warrior was a member of a mercenary group led by Blisk called Apex Predators. She was a pilot and controlled the Ronin Titan. during the campaign Titanfall 2, battling against protagonist Jack Cooper and a Titan, BT. Her body was crushed by BT, but her remains were recovered and reconstructed.

at Apex Legends, the origins of the ash have been revealed. It used to be a woman named Dr. Ashley Reed who worked with Apex Predators. Red was mortally wounded during a mission. Her mind was loaded into the simulator and she became Ash. after she died in Titanfall 2 It was reconstructed, reconnecting with Plesque and asked to administer the yards. Eventually, she joined Apex Games as a legend.

Bangalore used to work for Titanfall’s Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation

One of the main groups that players fight against in fall of titan The franchise is Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC). This group tried to colonize the borders during the wars that took place in them fall of titan And Titanfall 2. Anita Williams, better known as Bangalore in the Apex Games, hails from a military family. She and her four older brothers joined the military branch of the Islamic Immigration Authority.

Near the end of the war, during the Battle of Gridiron, Bangalore was hit by a militia pilot. Her only brother, Jackson, fled with her to the Outlands. The siblings are eventually attacked by an IMC pilot for leaving the fight. Working together, they killed the pilot and Bangalore kept his data knife.

Newcastle joined IMC with his sister Bangalore

Jackson Williams, who later became Newcastle, joined the IMC Army along with his sister Anita. While in the army, Jackson became a certified combat pilot and had his own behemoth. During the Battle of Gridiron, his sister was injured by an enemy pilot. Knowing that the fight was lost, Jackson decided to take his sister and drop the ranks of the IMC. They used a power source likely connected to the ship to travel to the Outlands.

At first, Anita resented her brother for his absence from work, as she really believed in IMC. In the end, Jackson revealed the fact that the IMC planned to use a device known as the Fold Weapon to destroy the planets at the frontier. Both the weapon and its source of power, the Ark, were destroyed by Jack Cooper at the end of Titanfall 2.

Pathfinder is one of Titanfall’s MRVN robotic systems

The Pathfinder was originally one of several MRVN systems, which are robotic personnel designed for simple operation. These robots can be seen in multiple places in fall of titan Franchise making repairs. One MRVN was repurposed by a group of scientists who tried to use proantium as an energy source in the Outlands. Both Horizon’s son and Dr. Reed were members of this group. The repurposed MRVN will be used to recalibrate the Proantium filter.

Each scientist has programmed a portion of their personality and knowledge into MRVN, which culminates in Pathfinder. The robot succeeded in its task, but the facility was attacked by Apex Predators led by Dr. Reed. The Pathfinder prevents Apex Predators from escaping with Bran but is disabled by Dr. Reed, who shoots him.

Valkyrie’s father was killed during the events of Titanfall 2

Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara also has a strong connection to Titanfall 2. Her father was a famous mercenary by the name of Viper, who worked for Apex Predators. Like Ash, Viper was killed by Jack Cooper during the events of Titanfall 2. Valkyrie was unaware of who had killed her father, so instead, she blamed Viber’s leader, Plesk, for his death. She eventually ran into Blisk years later but was talked about killing him when he recommended joining Apex Games.

Valkyrie then tracked down the remains of her father and Titan. I brought the Titan to the Rampart and reconfigured the wreckage into a custom jetpack and suit of armor. Valkyrie scattered her father’s ashes and joined the Apex Games so she could build her own legacy.

Wraith can transform into stages like pilots and their titans

Renee Hope “Raith” Blasey from an alternate dimension. In this dimension, the IMC won the war and took control of the borders. Wraith worked as a scientist and studied phase transformation technology. Phase change was an ability used by Pilots and Titans in fall of titan. Ash herself used these abilities in Titanfall 2.

Because she was unable to find volunteers for her experiments, Wraith implemented them herself. This led to her losing her memory and hearing voices from different dimensions. Her partner Aamir Singh decided to continue experimenting with Wraith despite her instability. One day, an alternate version of Wraith called Voidwalker appeared and attacked Singh’s lab. Voidwalker frees Wraith and gives her the technology to change phase and travel across dimensions.

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