What dinosaur attacked the boat?

While Jurassic Park III Never as praised as its previous and future installments, the movie opened many doors that wouldn’t be explored until later in the franchise. One great example of this was the extent to which InGen ventured genetic testing into creating new species long after Jurassic Park was closed. Instead of experiencing these new dinosaurs in a safe environment, the public witnessed their latest and scariest creations in their natural habitat. For this reason, many mysteries were created that can be seen even from the very beginning of the film. One example of this is what attacked the airboat carrying Eric Kirby and her mother’s friend, Ben Hildebrand.

At the beginning of the movie, Ben and Eric parachute into the restricted area off the coast of Sorna Island. As they climbed, they arrived far above the clouds, as Ben captured wide shots of the island on his video camera. However, shortly after they took off, they felt a chill from the boat that violently pushed them. Once they got out of the tow, the boat was badly damaged, there was blood all over the deck and there was no crew. This results in Eric and Ben dismantling the boat as they cruise to the island in search of shelter.

There was no clear answer as to what attacked the boat. However, one prevailing theory has been that the most recent carnivorous addition to the series, Spinosaurus, was the culprit in the attack, while the marine Tylosaurus was another suggestion. Since Spinosaurus was amphibious and had a long arm and snout, it was easy to assume that no other creature could have succeeded in such a feat. Unfortunately, he was never offered to venture outside the island’s surroundings, as carnivores live within the island, but that left only another potential culprit: Pteranodons.

Presented for the first time at the conclusion The Lost World: Jurassic Parkthe pteranodon was a high-flying carnivore that served as a metaphor for life to find a way and as a deadly creature it was best avoided. Jurassic Park III He also showed them at their fiercest when the survivors of the movie found themselves in a huge bird cage, trying to survive an attack, but how did these creatures manage to successfully attack the boat without a peek?

It is important to note that the birdcage in the film was severely hazy and made it an ideal hunting ground for pteranodon. At the beginning of the movie, Eric and Ben enter a misty area of ​​the coast, which is when the boat is attacked, suggesting that perhaps the pteranodons were the real attackers in the scene. While it can be said that the birdcage was only closed until the survivors escaped and left the door open, there are still Pteranodons on the island, as shown in lost worldwhich was free to fly the island without barriers.

Jurassic Park III The boat attack may be one of the biggest mysteries in the entire series, but with logic applied and an understanding of how evolution and survival formed the basis of understanding the series, it’s clear that pteranodons can be the beasts in the clouds. If so, it will also prove how smart and cunning these creatures are and why even the sky is not safe in a world where dinosaurs roam freely.

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