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What episode does Jiraiya die?

by Youssef
What episode does jiraiya die

When Does Jiraiya Die In Naruto?

When Does Jiraiya Die In Naruto? and what episode does Jiraiya die? we will answer all of these questions today.

In Naruto, we have the three Legendary Sannin. We have Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade all of them are strong but even though the most popular and loved one by fans is Jiraya, and maybe the most one that fans hate is Orochimaru.

Jiraya is a cool person and a fan of naruto as well as his teacher. In Naruto Shippuden, Jiraya didn’t pay attention to any threat in the village hidden in the Rain, but later he found that one of his students was a real threat to the village so a fight happened and in the end, Jiraya meets his end at the hands of a former student.

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What episode does jiraiya die

What episode does jiraiya die?

In Naruto Shippuden, Jiraya is killed in Episode 133. In a fight against the Akatsuki members exactly pain he did his best but unfortunately, he died.

Later on, when Jiraya arrived in the village hidden in the rain, he meets Pain which is one of the Akatsuki members and then Jiraya noticed that he is his former pupil named Nagato. The surprise is that there is another student which is Konan, not Konan Anime, no Konan is this one below.

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What episode does jiraiya die

In the end Jiraya one of the strongest characters in Naruto has been killed by Pain, this is also one of the best battles in the Anime world where Jiraya unleashed the full six paths of Pain also his arm has been cut beside crushing his throat with multiple black chakra rods.

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