What happened to Kido in the Valley of God incident!


Chapter 1049 confirmed some new information and here’s what I put into what happened to Kaido during the God Valley Incident. Kaido was deeply alarmed that something big was going to happen to him causing Big Mom to call Kaido this “thing” which means Big Mom fears Kaido.

With the final chapter, it was basically confirmed that Big Mom never saw Kaido again after the God Valley incident until he basically became a Yonko.

God Kaido’s Valley Incident gave him the nickname “The Embodiment of Brutality,” which later in the chapter explains that Kaido’s brutality is full of chaos and the survival of the fittest.

The God Valley Incident was also the incident where Big Mom gave Kaido the legendary devil fruit, the Azure Dragon, for which Big Mom reported that Kaido owed a lifelong debt. Maybe he somehow saved Kaido’s life in the God Valley Incident?

Here’s the thing, Kaido and Big Mom seem to hate each other even though Big Mom says she still thinks of him as a little brother. So there are a lot of mixed messages coming in that are 100% related to the Wadi Allah incident. But there are some questions.

What made Kaido avoid or hate Big Mom now?

Why did Big Mom call Kaido, that thing, in response to Luffy saying he would defeat Kaido?

Why did Big Mom say that Kaido owes her a debt for life in exchange for the Azure Dragon Fruit? Big Mom watched Kaido transform and didn’t close his eyes or act scared when Kaido showed off his full Zoan or hybrid form.

  1. I think Kaido being an “embodiment of savagery” is related to these things and what he did in God Valley.
  2. All of these things were related to the ‘true’ strength of the azure dragon fruit.
  3. This real power causes a rift between Kaido and Big Mom as Big Mom fears that power and may betray Kaido by escaping which is related to Kaido’s views on betrayal.

Another conspiracy thread mentioned as evidence of this is the artificial Vegapunk Devil Fruit that Momonosuke now owns.

We know that Vegapunk is a super genius and although its artificial fruit is considered a failure, the fruit is roughly a 1:1 version of the Kaido Devil Fruit. But this leads to another problem. Why was it considered a failure? Why was the Bowler CP0 agent so happy to fail?

For example, we already know that the World Government is trying to recreate artificial dragons back in Punk Hazzard and that they existed in one of the Ryoma legends. The legend of Ryuma Wano was reinforced by being attacked by the World Government most likely due to the legend of Ryuma.

So how does this tie come back to Kaido? Momonosuke Devil Fruit is 100% Failed. why? That was because Vegapunk’s Artificial Devil Fruit couldn’t really achieve an ability that Kaido DF had. Vegapunk attempts to replicate the true power of the Kaido Devil Fruit that is activated during Kaido’s awakening (?).

The Momonosuke Fruit works almost as well as Kaido, but Momonosuke simply isn’t trained or experienced enough to know how to use all of its natural abilities such as weather manipulation. As we later notice when Momonosuke is properly grown up, his dragon looks more like Kaido and can also create clouds of flame. Momonosuke will probably do the same things that Kaido does when he trains properly.

Thus, the logical conclusion is that the only relevant ability in Kaido’s arsenal that Vegapunk and the World Government might want to replicate is the Awakened State. Other than that, we don’t know why Vegapunk or the World Government considered it a failure because Kaido’s manipulation of the weather isn’t seen as all that crazy when almost every main character could do it in one form or another. The only other possible ability would be awakening.

And the only time Kaido would have awakened the World Government’s Devil Fruit to learn so much about it was during the God Valley Incident involving many Celestial Dragons. All of this is related to the Wadi Allah incident.

It all makes sense why Big Mom calls Kaido this thing, why the artificial dragon fruit in Vegapunk was a failure, and how Kaido earned his nickname as the embodiment of savagery/maybe his future title as the most powerful creature. They are all related to Kaido’s awakening.

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