What is Jane the Virgin korean drama? All the main things about it


What is the korean drama Virgin Jin
Woori virgin. CR: Autokart

The world of romance and relationships is complex and chaotic by nature. Finding a compatible partner who matches and repeats your life values, and shares similar goals for the future is considered one of the greatest potential partners. However, life doesn’t go according to plan all the time – you may meet the right person but it may not be the right time, or you may separate over time. Koreans are a conservative group of people, and they are wondering what is the korean virgin gene?

It sounds simply bleak, but in the world of K-dramas, there are rarely any problems that movie protagonists have. “Woori The Virgin” is a modern korean drama which is also a drama that can make you forget all your problems. But people are noticing a strange similarity between “Wooori The Virgin” and the popular American sitcom that aired in 2014. This leads us to ask the question, What is Jane the Virgin K-Drama?

What is the korean drama Virgin Jin
Raphael holds an unconscious Worry on his chest. CR: SBS

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What is Jane the Virgin korean drama?

Jane The Virgin is an American Telenovela, loosely based on the 2002 Venezuelan drama “Juana la Virgen”. Jane the Virgin follows the hero, Jane, who is Venezuelan-American and follows religious practices. Because of her religious beliefs touched upon by her devout grandmother, Jane vows to be a virgin until she gets married.

Following this thread of logic and basic premise, “Wooori The Virgin” is a Korean drama, following our hero, Oh Woori played by Im Soo Hyang. Woori is in a long-term and committed relationship with a police detective, Lee Kang Jae played by Shin Dong Wook. During a routine examination, an artificial insemination, just like Jane, is artificially inseminated. Similar to Jin’s beliefs, Woori also wants to live a clean, chaste and pious life by remaining a virgin until she marries, and her partner Lee Kang Jae supports her.

But everything is discarded when the worm is artificially inseminated and subsequently becomes pregnant. The child’s father is none other than Raphael, who is played by Sung Hoon. Raphael is a multimillionaire CEO of a cosmetic company, known as Diamond Cosmetics. Things get more complicated when we learn that Raphael is trapped in a loveless marriage with Lee Ma Ri, played by Hong Ji Yeon. Raphael tries to get a divorce from Lee Ma Ri, but she is not willing to give it up, mostly due to financial reasons.

To add fuel to the fire, Raphael and Lowry share a secret history, which means over-complicating things if you go out. We hope this answers your question about figuring out what Jane the Virgin Korean Drama is. You can watch “Woori the Virgin” on Vicki!

What is the korean drama Virgin Jin
Woori decides to approach her boyfriend Lee Kang Jae. CR: SBS

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Major developments in Woori the Virgin K-Drama

Woori the Virgin is by no means an instant classic like Goblin or Boys Over Flowers. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad drama. Instead, many Koreans and international viewers are searching. Forward on how this complex dynamic affects Woori, Raphael and Lee Kang Jae.

Since Woori decided to have Raphael’s child, her boyfriend has remained faithfully by her side. But Lee Kag Jae is involved in an investigation into the murder of Noh Man Cheol (an ex of Ma Ri who she deceived when Raphael was receiving treatment!). But the main antagonists in “Woori the Virgin” are Lee Ma Ri and her mother, Byeon Mi Ja, who are willing to go to any lengths in order to continue living a comfortable life.

Another major plot point that was resolved was the strained relationship that Woori shares with her mother. Woori always thought she was a burden to her mother when she heard her mother complain to her grandmother about it, causing Woori to downplay her importance in every interaction. However, after having a meaningful conversation with her mother, this misunderstanding is resolved so that Woori can begin her journey towards recovery. Also, Woori’s long-lost father is actually a famous actor, and Woori has no knowledge of this!

What is the korean drama Virgin Jin
Woori reveals that she is pregnant in her family and boyfriend. CR: SBS

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