What is the release date of episode 46 of the series “Majd Special Forces”?


Glory of Special Forces Episode 46
Glory of Special Forces Episode 46

After watching such a great performance with a well-organized plot, fans are expecting episode 46 of the series Glory Of The Special Forces. However, is it really possible to get more episodes? How does one move from this masterpiece? After all, the Chinese drama Glory Of The Special Forces tells the story of young Yan Bo Yu. He dreams of becoming a successful soldier to prove to his father his worth. However, while chasing his dream, he learns that he lacks it in many ways. Despite all the challenges, Yang Po Yue achieved his goals but not before giving viewers an emotional rollercoaster ride!

The Chinese drama The Glory of Special Forces is a military action family series. Written by Feng Jie (The powers of the deep waters, with you) and directed by Xu Ji Zhou (Reunion dinner, Rookie Agent Rouge). Furthermore, the drama starred Yang Yang, Li Yi Tong, and Jiang Luxia. Besides her excellent streak, the acting process is something else that has attracted viewers. Yang Yang once again demonstrated his acting skills by portraying Yan Bo Yu perfectly. Thus, many fans are still wondering about the possibility of obtaining Episode 46 of Special Forces glory!

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Glory of Special Forces Episode 46 Release Date

Since the Chinese military action drama There Will Be No Glory of Special Forces Episode 46 has already ended. The drama premiered on April 5, 2022 and completed on April 29, 2022. From the start, it was scheduled to include 45 episodes. It aired seven days a week and thus ended in the month of April. So, unfortunately there will be no more episodes.

Glory of Special Forces Episode 46
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Watch Glory Of The Special Forces Chinese Drama Ep 46 Online- Broadcast Details

Although there is no episode 46 of Glory Of Special Forces, viewers can still watch the previous 45 episodes video. TencentVideo is an online streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Rakuten Viki, etc. However, to stream Chinese on TencentVideo, you need to purchase their subscription plan. Subscription plans may vary in different countries. Also, unfortunately, TencentVideo is not available in some regions. So before subscribing, don’t forget to check availability.

However, international fans need not worry. Even if you can’t watch it on TencentVideo, you have another option. Besides TencentVideo, Glory Of Special Forces is also available on the official YouTube channel of YOUHUG MEDIA With English subtitles. Since it is free, there is no need to subscribe or purchase any plan to watch Glory Of Special Forces online on their YouTube channel!

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What is the story of the glory of the special forces?

One of the best Chinese military action dramas, Glory Of The Special Forces, came to a perfect ending that made fans of online drama sad. Therefore, fans are even looking for the glory of Special Forces Episode 46 and more. Although it was a rollercoaster ride, viewers enjoyed every moment of it. The Chinese drama Glory Of The Special Forces tells the story of a young boy, Yan Bo Yu, who dreams of becoming a soldier. Young boy Yan Bo Yu is descended from a family of soldiers. Thus, to prove to his father, he applied to enroll in the military school at the beginning of the Gaokao examination.

Glory of Special Forces Episode 46
Cr: TencentVideo

However, things stalled as he failed to gain the support of his boss while accumulating new recruits despite achieving exceptional results. In the end, he’s sent to join the cooking crew, but it seems the surprises aren’t over yet. It reveals that the cooking crew has become a place full of people with hidden talents who eventually become part of an unbreakable team!

Although Yan Po Yue joined the special force team with only his own personal success in mind, he eventually started to change. He began to realize that he still lacked in many ways. However, he learns and overcomes his shortcomings. Therefore, the Chinese drama excellently revealed the sacrifice and glory of being part of the special forces. Not to forget, every member of the cast did a great job portraying their characters flawlessly, especially Yang Yang and Li Yi Tong. Thus, there is no denying that the performance of the cast is the highlight of a drama, which makes the story even more worth your time!

Here, check out the Glory Of The Special Forces trailer-

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