What is TXT Heardle and how to operate it?


Wordle has conquered the world with its popularity growing every day. Let’s answer, what is TXT Heardle? However, along with this word game, there is another game of the same style that makes people go crazy. It is none other than Heyerdel. Just as the name suggests, Smedel is where one needs instead of words to listen to excerpts from songs or watch the lyrics to guess the correct answer. The pattern between Wordle and Heardle is quite similar in that each day plays only one game with only specific changes on hand.

Besides these games, the Kpop industry also controls people’s hearts. It has become a part of everyday life. So when games are created that include names like BTS, ENHYPEN, and TWICE, it makes them more interesting for their fans. Today we are here to talk about the fourth generation of Kpop Group TXT and how to play TXT Heardle. So stay tuned to find out more.

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What is TXT Heerdel?

Kpop hearles have made quite a stir around the internet as you will have every one of the others in these games. Derived from the viral game Wordle, Kpop hearles have their own set of rules. For inexperienced people, Wordle is a word game where you have to select a new word by the clues provided, however, one can only be played once a day. Perhaps this is what makes the game more compelling as if you don’t get it right, you have to wait another couple of hours.

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Now, people have recently been getting mad about this game and so Kpop fans have come out with their own version. We know how creative they are, so here Kpop Heardles come in, but here you need to deal with music, not words. Despite the similarities, the basic rules remain the same as it can only be played once a day and the player will be given seven chances to select the song and artist based on the selected melody.

Previously, the names of various Kpop groups came into the spotlight such as BTS, TWICE, EXO, ENHYPEN, and NCT among others whom she was hearing trending on social media. This time it’s for boy group TXT. The game is viral all over and you can watch everyone else post about it. Not only are Kpop artists enjoying their hearing, artists like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have popped in too.

Who are TXT?

Talking about Kpop and no one ever hearing the name TXT, is a somewhat unfamiliar scenario. However, for those new to Kpop, TXT is a South Korean boy group, consisting of five members, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, HueningKai, and Soobin. TXT debuted in 2019 and until now it has been the part of many awards and accolades. Their first appearance or extended play was The Dream Chapter: Star. It has broken charts including Gaon and Billboard World Album Charts, and even entered the Billboard 200.

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TXT is a very well known name in the Kpop music industry and has featured many blockbuster songs. With the fan base increasing with each passing day, so does the curiosity about hearing about TXT. So Of course a lot of exaggeration in this game. Now, when TXT became part of the Heardle game, Moas (the fandom’s official name) was more than elated.

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How to play TXT Heardle?

Like Wordle, Heardle also has its own set of rules unlike in words, you have to guess the music for the artists. You need to listen to the introduction to guess the TXT song. If you get stuck guessing after you hear it, you have the option to skip to unlock more information about the song. Players need to type the correct option in the search bar and select the correct option from the list.

A total of six chances are given, which is only one song per day, and it is updated every day with popular songs. You can also share your score if you like.

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