What makes Paddington 2 a great movie?


When asked “What’s the best movie ever?” , most people will give completely different answers based on their personal tastes. What works for one person may not work for another, and while one person’s favorite movie may be romance, another may prefer an action movie if asked the same question. However, there seems to be one movie that is universally agreed upon to be one of the best regardless of specific tastes, and that is Paddington 2.

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This movie is pretty much universally loved, and it even achieved the coveted 100% on Rotten Tomatoes at one point, beating Citizen Ken For the most popular movie of all time. So what exactly is this movie featuring an anthropomorphic bear that totally engages the audience all over the place? What is the magic factor that makes the film so widely loved and respected by critics and audiences alike?

I love people first Paddington Also, but the sequel was one of those rare occurrences where the follow-up movie is better than the original. While both movies have the same tone and the same cuteness, there’s just one thing Paddington 2 Elevating all the good things in the first movie and making it even better and more endearing. It almost instantly became a comfort movie for people, and it truly is the perfect movie to play when one is feeling down and/or needing a reminder of the good that still exists in the world.

Performances from the main cast are great, especially Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington himself. There is a fidelity to all of the shows that is different from the way many would approach a children’s movie. No nods or winks for the camera that they know they’re in a silly movie that’s not for adults; Instead, everyone is totally called in for their roles, even when their character is somewhat silly, as Hugh Grant is like Phoenix Buchanan. This helps elevate the movie in a certain way, and it’s so much fun to watch a movie when you can tell that the cast loved being a part of it.

One of the main elements of Paddington 2 It is how an entire neighborhood does not function in exactly the same way when Paddington is not around, and it becomes clear the kind of impact it has had on the lives of those around it, bringing them joy and community they may not have experienced before. In a way, the movie is about the importance of society and how connecting with the people around you improves lives. This is even shown in Paddington’s prison scenes, where he manages to relate to other prisoners and bring out the best traits in them.

This in itself is one of the main character traits of Paddington – he is a firm believer and brings out the best in others. He does not see other prisoners as an irredeemable group of criminals, but rather human beings with special talents who should be valued as much as anyone else. He sees the good in everyone, almost to the wrong because it makes him trust so much even those who wish to do harm, but watching Paddington interact with the world around him makes the audience want to be positive and optimistic too.

Lots of movies and TV shows are satirical and sarcastic, but Paddington The films bring a true fidelity that stands out and sticks with viewers. There are still plenty of humorous moments, but they are not at anyone’s expense or beating in any way. As children’s films, they do well to set a good example for children and show the media that they are not violent or mean, but are also refreshing viewing for adults for the same reasons. Movies have universal appeal because they speak to a part of every person who just wants to see people treat each other kindly and envision a more perfect view of the world.

This does not mean that only good things happen to Paddington or that he only interacts with good people. There are moments of sadness and struggle as there is in life. He is sad that his Aunt Lucy cannot visit him and that he is losing her present, and feels that his family has forgotten about him while he is in prison. However, that’s how he responds to those problems and always tries to get a positive outlook that really sticks with his fans. It’s a reminder that no matter how cute or sweet you are, bad things still happen every now and then. It is how a person responds to those moments that matter. It’s okay to feel feelings—even bad feelings—sometimes, and Paddington reminds us that it’s okay to feel vulnerable in life; Things get better in the end.

when it comes down to it, Paddington 2 He is incredibly cute. It’s a movie about good people who are kind to each other and to the world, despite any (albeit ridiculous) struggle around them. It’s a refreshing dose of positivity, especially in a world of so much uncertainty. It is the perfect thing to watch if one is feeling down, as it brings back so much hope in humanity, especially in how art is used to bring joy to people. It would be hard to find anyone who objects Paddington 2The messages and the general ambiance, as it is universally attractive and can be enjoyed even by those who never thought they would. If only Hollywood would produce more Paddington Movies, we might all be better off.

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