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Besides showing off the last girl Sydney Prescott (Nev Campbell) and making audiences laugh at nearly every turn, Scream The franchise takes a parade of horror, making fun of the things that tend to happen in scary movies. Fans are more used to seeing characters roam their home when the killer appears rather than actually trying to escape, and it’s more common to see people declaring “I’ll be right back” before investigating the noise and then getting killed.

when shout 6 Released in 2023, fans know more horror stories will be a part of the story, and there are a few that seem perfect for the latest release.

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The Scream The movies have used countless horror movies. Sydney is one last girl, there are catchphrases in every movie, and characters have sex to die. Cry (2022) He continues the tradition of talking about horror movie rules by facing re-order. Wes Hicks (Dylan Minnette) was killed while taking a shower, referring to this A psychopath.

It looks like every possible horror trope has been used in a file Scream movie and so on shout 6 Some of the metaphors you used in the past can certainly be revisited, but in a clever way that feels fresh and new. shout 6 It must make fun of the jump scares and deaths that happen in the basement. while the Scream The movies aren’t that scary, jump scares are a controversial feature of horror movies, and it would be funny if shout 6 Make fun of that metaphor by including some false jump scares and then a really good one.

The kill downstairs will work as well since he never gets old or tired. This trope accomplishes exactly what the slasher franchise wants: to make the audience laugh and scream on the big or small screen because the character is doing something silly which is a horrific idea and will get them killed. It’s funny to think that the characters still make that kind of choice, but they do, and it’s always going to be entertaining.

There are a few other horror metaphors shout 6 You must explore. For one thing, a huge and intense party should definitely happen. Big party scene in Scream One of the best parts of the movie, as Randy Mix (Jimmy Kennedy) talks about the rules of horror movies, and the huge reveal takes place with Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu Masher (Matthew Lillard). Cry (2022) It features a huge party at Stu’s house, which is a clever way to get the movies together. It seems impossible for the next movie not to include this kind of scene. If the movie features new teens, this is definitely a no-brainer.

When fans think about what they want shout 6The “scary neighbor” metaphor also seems like a good idea. Can shout 6 It can partially take place in the new town of Sydney and fans can see her family life. Sydney might have a nice neighbor with her but the audience can tell that he’s a terrible person and might be related to Ghostface’s character. This will allow the new film to talk about who Sydney is now and also introduce an interesting new character. Fans love teenagers in Cry (2022), especially Tara Carpenter, as Gina Ortega is a talented horror actress. While it would be fine if shout 6 Has some fresh high school students, it would also be great to highlight a character about Sydney’s age. The neighbor would probably be an innocent and a red herring, but that works because that’s a common feature of scary stories.

There is also a file Interesting horror metaphor It’s called “Horror Don’t Accept Simple Tuesday,” which means that the story takes place during a holiday or special occasion. since none of Scream Movies that happened during the Christmas holiday or summer vacation, it will definitely be interesting to watch a file Scream A movie in this kind of setting. At the very least, this might sound new and unique. Sydney always struggles a lot in every movie and it would be great to see her excited about her winter break and having a great time.

While of course fans don’t know the genre of the movie shout 6 It would be, since sequels, triples, replays, and replays are all done now, that Scream The franchise has done an admirable job of keeping each new movie relevant and fascinating. Fans know it shout 6 It will feature some common horror metaphors in the hilarious tone typical of the franchise and you won’t be disappointed in this regard. The Scream The franchise proves that the more things change, the more they stay the same as fans have always expected and looked forward to with a clever anatomy of horror movies.

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