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As one of the “Big Three” in the shonen anime, whitening He is remembered as one of the greatest anime/manga of all time. With great characters, distinct visual style, amazing powers, and an engaging story, it’s no wonder it’s become as big as it was. whitening Simply oozing style in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, like any other franchise, whitening It wasn’t always perfect. When I first started the series, there was quite a bit of a drawback to it. The worst that could be said was that it was another shonen series, but that was by no means a bad thing. When the series started to pick up the pace of the plot, things got better as the series really started to separate itself from its peers and continued to do so throughout its entire run. However, while whitening She was able to maintain her uniqueness, multiple problems arose throughout the story which unfortunately was never fixed and continued to fester.

speed problem

Let’s start with a number of the most important and most famous series, whitening I had a huge problem when it came to the pace of the story. In the series’ beginning arcs, the story is presented at a well-thought-out pace. The story moved to the beat efficiently without feeling rushed, which helped make the story as engaging as possible. Unfortunately, this has not remained the norm.

After the “Soul Society” arcs, the series began to suffer a drag. The “Arrancar” arc lasted for 235 chapters in the manga, which means it’s lasted for over four years – too long for any solo arc. While we must mention that this arch had multiple parts/works, the ‘Arrancar’ arch had more of the two as did the ‘Soul Society’ arch. This means that even though a lot of things happened, the story itself was hardly going forward.

Like many long-running manga/anime events, these massive arcs created a lot of fatigue with fans. As much as they wanted to see Ichigo finally fight Aizen in a decisive battle, after four years of waiting, it was a little tough to be as excited and invested as fans were after the “Soul Society” arc ended. Not that no one cared as far as it was, to some extent, people were a little more hype than the original.

This problem persisted all the way whiteningThe last arc, which needs more time to fully realize all the things he was trying to do and present. While it started out as if it was rather long, the speed problem basically inverted itself; Instead of a lengthy ending, the series suddenly felt somewhat rushed. The last fight between Yohach and Ichigo seemed to be over as soon as it had begun, as the first’s defeat was a tad inconspicuous and indistinct. After spending so much time figuring out Ichigo’s origins and acquiring brand new Zanpakuto and Bankai, fans felt like they could barely see any of them – and they were absolutely right.

Somehow, the speed was worse in the anime adaptation of the series. One of the benefits of anime mods is that under normal circumstances, each episode can contain many manga chapters with content. This creates a nice pace that tends to flow easily, as the amount of content released each week per episode will be greater than that of the weekly manga. Unfortunately, because of this, anime often catches up with manga.

Rather than letting the anime take a breather so the manga can progress further, the anime chose to create entire seasons of nothing but filler arcs in the middle of the “Arrancar” arc. This played a huge role in the cancellation of the anime as well as the exhaustion caused by the pace of the story itself. It was bad enough that manga readers needed to wait four years for the arc to end, while anime watchers couldn’t even get through the arc without multiple filler arcs that could last more than 30 episodes. These multiple outages have exacerbated the overall speed issue too much for fans to ignore.

side character problem

whiteningLike most feature-length cartoons, he had a very large cast of characters by the end of his story, ranging from supporting characters and rivals to potential love interests and villains. In many respects, most of these characters have managed to maintain a certain degree of relevance throughout the series’ long run, but others have been practically forgotten.

The Shaybah clan of the Soul Society is a prime example of this. Although readers/viewers are unknown at the time, they are actually his relatives, with his father being one of them and even Rukia’s mentor. In this sense, it becomes difficult to accept how small their role is after the Soul Society arc even after Ichigo learns of its origins.

Another issue that arose from the side characters was their general development. Ichigo is the protagonist, plain and simple, so it was clear that he would always be the strongest character. However, his friends and team he fought with would routinely leave in this department. For this reason, it has become a norm for Ichigo’s support staff to evolve off-screen, leaving fans feeling like they haven’t materialized enough. Uryu in particular deserved more on-screen development – especially considering that the latest arc was all about the Quincies plus his origins are somewhat related to Ichigo – yet he rarely received such treatment.

While an amazing protagonist who is easily one of the best characters ever created in manga/anime, Ichigo has become a problem in his own series for a few different reasons. As the protagonist, he was obviously going to always get the most screen time and make the best feats, but whitening Taking this metaphor to an insane level.

Ridiculous as it may sound, Ichigo was far too powerful compared to anyone else in the series. Right from the start of the story, even before getting any powers, Ichigo has been portrayed as being much more powerful than anyone else except perhaps Chad. However, by the end of the Soul Society arc, Ichigo had far surpassed everyone on his team and even most Soul Reaper leaders.

In some ways, this was something that had to happen because of where the story was trying to go in the end, but at the same time, it hurt the series a lot. At first, fans would be on the edge of their seats trying to figure out how Ichigo and his friends would beat their enemies, but that changed at some point.

The villains will become increasingly stronger as the series continues, usually adjusting to Ichigo’s increasing power. Fans have been wondering how Ichigo will beat these foes, but when it comes to how his supporting team will perform against these new foes, fans usually think that it will be impossible for them to win at all. When they continue to win in the end, this will turn out to be a cheap plot shield, otherwise the characters will have to achieve victory with a partner. While the latter wasn’t too bad, introducing interesting dynamics like those between Renji and Uryu, it also highlighted how powerful Ichigo is compared to his friends.

This might make Ichigo look a lot stronger and cooler, but it made his supporting team look weak and unreactive by comparison. It became difficult for fans to see Ichigo’s rivals as more than just window decoration, because they knew that none of them could beat Ichigo.

as can be seen, whitening It certainly had its share of problems, but it stands as a testament to how amazing the series is which despite that, is still the huge series that it was and still is. For everything whitening Wrong, he did so many other things right that fans wouldn’t bother with hiccups along the way. With a new season coming out in the fall and a possible continuation of the manga as well as a portion of it, there is hope that many of these mistakes will be corrected.

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