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scarlet pokemon And Violet It is the debut of the expected ninth generation of the franchise. The second major games to start a generation on the Switch, the games will likely cover a similar role to the Pokemon Sun And moon. They will follow the previous generation that jumped to another system, and will likely be more technically efficient as a result. another thing carmine And Violet Expected to do is to follow the tradition laid down recently by other Pokemon Games, starting with Sun And moon themselves. Generation 9 is likely to introduce new regional variants, and these default variants are the subject of many discussions.

Today’s video games

Regional variants are among the more acceptable “tricks” that will be introduced in the latest titles in the series. Looking at how Gen 8 continues what Gen 7 started, including in Mythology: ArceusIt’s safe to say that scarlet pokemon And Violet It will present their regional variables. As seen with Pokemon like Corsola and Stantler, regional variants tend to be better than Mega Evolutions at picking disappointing or overlooked Pokemon and giving them the necessary update. One such Pokemon that could get a makeover from the developers is Whiscash.

Whiskey Basics

Whiscash has been a part of the Pokemon franchise for nearly two decades now. foot in ruby And sapphire, develops from Barboach. Similar to fellow Hoenn Water Type Milotic and predecessors Gyarados and Octillery, the Whiscash line of evolution is derived from one organism transforming into something completely different. In this case, the line begins with a Pokémon based on loach, and ends with a Pokémon based on catfish. Similar to how Magikarp evolved into Gyarados as a reference to a legend about the carp and the Dragon Gate, and how the Remoraid and Octillery share a weapon trait, Barboach may rely specifically on the Loach catfish, explaining his connection to the Whiscash.

As it was established, Whiscash is similar to many other types of water. Ironically, despite being a decent Pokemon, Whiskach is unable to stand out. Even Earth’s excellent secondary writing doesn’t help, as it is overshadowed by Swampert, a Water/Ground type who is also a writer of the same generation as Whiscash. Even before the third generation, there were aquatic/terrestrial species in the form of Wooper and Quagsire, which further reduces the importance of Whiscash’s positive traits.

Regional variant of Whiscash in carmine And Violet It is the perfect way to make Pokemon more interesting. It says a lot when the most famous thing associated with Whiscash is the anime controversy regarding earthquakes. The last time the anime depicted the seismic motion of the same name was through a member of the Whiskey family. To this day, this is arguably the closest thing Whiskey has to a legacy. However, a regional alternative could liven up Whiscash’s reputation.

How can Whiscash be improved?

For the new regional variant to work, it must combine the concept of the original Pokémon with a completely new one, usually related to nature and related to the original concept mentioned above. For example, when the Galarian Corsola was created, Game Freak used the basic Corsola concept and incorporated it into the idea of ​​pollution, creating a new version of Corsola and its new, evolved form, Cursola, which ironically brings new life to Pokemon.

The new area in scarlet pokemon And Violet Probably based on Spain. Although the series is rarely determined to be geographically accurate when it comes to representing specific animals, regional variants tend to be based on certain traditions or quirks from the real-life location that inspired the area. The foundation of the Alolan Rattata in real Hawaiian rats perfectly exemplifies this design philosophy. Suitable for Whiscash, there are traditions related to catfish in Spain. The Ebro River and the Rebaruja and Mequinenza reservoirs are famous for the catfish that inhabit these areas. The Ebro in particular is known as the “Catfish Capital of Europe,” with the common fish averaging 80 pounds.

A regional variant of Whiscash could easily play around with this fact about Spain. Due to the true dull-colored catfish, this new Whiscash could have a more realistic and muted color scheme compared to the original bright blue Hoenn version. Its species is indeed excellent and does not necessarily need to be changed, but since each regional variant has a different species, this Whiscash species is unlikely to be an aquatic/terrestrial species. It can be closer to real catfish in appearance. It may be bulkier, or even longer overall. Her commercial smile can also be replaced with a different expression to reflect the faces that real catfish make.

Whiscash is a Pokémon that the series has overlooked for some time. The regional variant has the ability to give it a completely different personality while in connection with Gen 9 themes. The new Whiscash will probably look more realistic to compare to the original cartoon look. It can help old fans look at Pokemon from a new perspective.

scarlet pokemon And Violet Released in late 2022 on the Nintendo Switch.

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