where are the members of the group since “Linked Destinies”?


The S-Crew will soon be back with their new opus SZR 2001. So, where are the members of the group since their last project, Linked destinies ?

After opening a site displaying several countdowns, the S-Crew returned with several very enticing announcements, including the release of SZR 2001, their new album. And the tracklist is interesting to say the least. Quickly out of stock, the copies of the album available for pre-order received a superb reception, showing that the popularity of the group has not budged an inch. However, Internet users have expressed certain reservations about the members of the S-Crew. If Nekfeu has, since 2016, repeatedly proven its value, this is not the case for Framal, Mekra and 2zer. When the author of Cyborg continues to obtain new certifications, and is always placed on the sales podium, the other three rappers have not been very present in recent years. So where are the members of the S-Crew since Linked destinies ?

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Framal and Mekra

Framal and Mekra have been the least present on the rap scene since the end of the S-Crew. If Framal released 2 singles in 2020, “Hood” and “LPDM”, the sequel did not give anything. No project, no particular announcement. As for Mekra, the rapper does not even have a page on streaming platforms. Deezer or Spotify: the artist cannot be found. However, in 2020, we found him on a joint single with Framal, “Modez”, accompanied by a clip.

2zer Washington

The technicality of Parisian rapper 2zer Washington is still relevant. Since Linked destinies, the last project of the S-Crew, 2zer did not leave the musical sphere. Since 2017, with the single “Focus”, until today, the rapper has tried new stories. The 6 “Lost Ball” freestyles in particular, or his first project, the EP Decisions released in 2019, showed great efforts to rise in the rap game. The track “Clan”, featuring the S-Crew, was a hit with listeners and expanded the audience for the project.

More recently, 2zer unveiled ZerZer, Vol. 1. Composed of 9 titles, the project suggests a logical continuation of the rapper’s career. ZerZer moreover includes a featuring with Framal, “Without asking”.


No need to present it: Nekfeu has again experienced a meteoric rise since Linked destinies. With Cyborgthen The wandering stars and Wandering Stars: Expansion, the rapper did not fail to prove his worth. Always on the podium, his projects have won countless certifications, making him a giant of French rap. Also present on many featurings in recent years, notably with Alpha Wann, S. Pri Noir or more recently Gros Mo, Nekfeu has also tried his hand at documentaries for his latest album. For him, the stars don’t seem to stop shining.

For the S-Crew, this album is the culmination of four more or less fruitful careers. Internet users have said it loud and clear: the expected level is much higher than that of Linked destinies. Some evoke a renewal of themes, others the singularity of each artist and their complementarity… In any case, after 6 years, we are waiting for the S-Crew at the turn to SZR 2001.

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