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For a kingdom full of insects, Hollow Night It has a surprisingly large space for players to explore. As players progress, they will unlock more Hallownest areas that contain increasing levels of challenge. Hollow Night Players will also encounter a number of NPCs along their journey and can interact with them.

Among these characters is a vendor named Cornifer, who is one of the first friendly faces that the player can meet after jumping into the well in Dirtmouth. He is a cartographer and can be found in every major area of ​​Hallownest where players can purchase a map from him. The Cornifer location is signaled to players by its buzz, and the closer they get to it, a literal paper trail that leads to the map maker appears.

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If players find Cornifer but don’t purchase a map before moving on to the next area, the NPC will leave a card behind to direct players to Dirtmouth where they can purchase his maps, along with other markers, from Iselda. To save time traveling back and forth, here’s where players can find Cornifer in every area of ​​Hallownest.

old basin

There are two ways to enter the ancient basin: either by taking the tram in the far south between Deepnest and Kingdom’s Edge, or traveling through the royal waterways. Either way, players must make their way to the Tram platform to progress.

From the Tram platform, there is a lane on the left that players can enter. This will lead to the old dock’s main room and have several Shadow Creepers crawling around and expanding into the walls. To the far right, players will find some branching paths including a fountain that provides part of the ship after depositing. 3000 geo. Directly below the fountain, players will encounter the friendly map maker.

city ​​of tears

It will likely be the first time players enter the City of Tears when they travel to the suburbs to use City Crest, the bridge restoration between the city and the fungal waste. The short road from this entrance to the Cornifer location is closed, so players must travel south until they reach the appropriate city.

After reaching the bottom, the path heading to the left will lead players towards the Nailsmith who can upgrade the Knight’s Stud. Heading to the right, before meeting the wasp at the fountain, players can ride the elevator to find Relic Seeker Lemm, who will buy relics from the player they have collected throughout their journey.

Continuing from Lemm, the player will need to fight through various enemies as they rise, many of them guarding items, Geo, and other collectibles. Using elevators and Mantis’ claw to travel, players will eventually encounter a familiar stray card. Following this path, the knight will be trapped in a small arena with a heavy guard, spear and wing that must be defeated to open the gates. There is a Cornifer in the room above, along with a bench that runs the player 150 geo To open.

crystal top

Players can first enter Crystal Peak through Forgotten Crossroads, directly east of the Black Egg Temple, but they’ll need the Lumafly Lantern to see the dark passage and interact with a tally machine. Players will then need to pay 50 geo To open the way to the next area.

Once inside Crystal Peak, players need to follow the path to the right through the transmission belts and over the large gap. Here there will be mummies miners who throw their tools at the knight when they get close or use their pickaxe as a slasher weapon. Before going up to this room, players can find a seat in the room on the right.

Using the Mantis Claw to climb, players can ride the vertical belt to where the Glimback Ranger is before continuing to climb. At the top, players will find the caterpillar but it is trapped behind a portal at the moment. The next room contains several crystal creepers that shoot deadly laser beams intermittently which must be avoided while the player continues his way up. Once through, there is an exit on the left that players can take to find a happily buzzing Cornifer.


There are a couple of places in Deepnest where a Knight can encounter Cornifer depending on which entrance he’s using, but he won’t be buzzing for fear of giving up his position to the fearsome creeps that inhabit the area. Lumafly lantern is recommended to make it easier to navigate in the dark.

If players enter Deepnest after defeating Mantis Lords at the Fungal Wastes, they can be found trembling behind a ledge as the player continues left and up from the entrance. However, if players come from Queen Gardens in the north, they will have to proceed south and turn left to find Cornifer, near the failed tram route.

canyon mist

Although it is possible to enter a portion of Fog Canyon early in the game, players will not be able to fully explore it until later. There are two ways to get to Cornifer, and the player will need to open either Shade Cloak or Isma’s Tear to access it.

When approaching the Cornifer site from the left, players can find the room by either traveling down the Greenpath or up from Queen’s Station. A branching path to the right in the central column-like area of ​​Fog Canyon will lead to a chamber filled with acid basin, platforms, and Uomas. As the player advances through this room, they will be able to hear Cornifer, but the path is blocked by a shadow portal. With Shade Cloak, players can dash through the shadow portal and find the path to Cornifer.

The other path requires Esma’s tears to swim through a small puddle of acid directly opposite the Leg Eater site in the fungal waste. This will take players directly to Fog Canyon where they can continue to the left until they reach the room where Cornifer is holed up.

Forgotten crossroads

This will be the first place where players can encounter Cornifer and one of the easiest places to find it.

After going down to the well from Dirtmouth, players must turn left and enter the large room with suspended platforms and several Gruzzers, Crawlids and Tiktiks. Players will need to get to the bottom of this area, carefully avoid dangers as they go down, and pass through the hole at the bottom. Cornifer will be found in the next room on the right.

fungal waste

As with many areas in Hallownest, players can enter fungal waste from several different directions. After defeating the False Knight and Hornet, players can naturally make their way towards the fungal waste as a way to find the City of Tears.

Heading southeast from the Greenpath, players must proceed through a small portion of Fog Canyon to discover Queen’s Station. At the top right of the station, players can continue to the right to find fungal residues and corners can be found along the path down and to the left.

If players instead fall into the fungal waste from the Forgotten Crossroads, they will need to continue on the path south and to the left. In this room, they must fight two Shrumal Ogres to open the gates in front of them. Players will then need to keep going downhill, past Sporgs spitting projectiles, and head left while avoiding acid, following the familiar sounds of Corniver buzzing as they approach him.


Players will be able to enter the Greenpath after receiving the first spell from the Snail Shaman in the Ancestral Mound. The entrance to the Greenpath can be found south of the Grubfather site at Forgotten Crossroads, via another trail that branches off to the left.

Using the spirit of revenge, players can defeat Elder Baldur who is blocking the road and continue left to enter the Greenpath. The route through the Greenpath is quite linear compared to other areas of Hallownest, and players will bump into Hornet along the way, which unfortunately does not lead players to Cornifer.

After following the path as far to the left as possible, players must proceed down and start in the right direction. The Cornifer can be found in a small area of ​​the Greenpath where Volatile Mosskin and Squits patrol the space, with platforms that can be cut out for easier future navigation.

howling cliffs

Players will need Mantis Claw to get to Howling Cliffs, which can be found by raising the wall back up to the far left of Dirtmouth and back through the King’s Pass. Head back to the first room the knight landed in after the opening scene and turn left to find a hidden passage that leads to Howling Cliffs. Although this area can also be accessed through the Greenpath, players will still need the Mantis Claw to continue.

About halfway down the slopes, along with one of the Nailmaster brothers, Cornifer can also be found scribbling away on one of the trails to the right.

edge of the kingdom

Although there are several ways to get to Kingdom’s Edge, the fastest way to get to Cornifer is through the City of Tears, specifically King’s Station. In the room just below the Stag Station platform that the knight can use, players will find a rickety platform with a broken seat and two Vengeflies to the far right. If the players jump into the small pool of water and continue to the right, they will find a shortcut to a hidden area of ​​the city.

Avoid the Belfies as they dive toward the rider and continue traveling to the right. Players can also free the caterpillar trapped here along the way.

Queen’s Gardens

The easiest route to the Queen’s Gardens is through Fog Canyon and players will need Isma’s Tear to get there. From Queens Station, players can reach Fog Canyon and continue ascending through the area with the floating Uomas and Oomas until they reach the first path that branches off to the left. There will be a large acid pit and spikes, but with Esma’s tears, players will be able to swim through the acid to reach Queen’s Gardens.

Keep turning left until you encounter the first mantis Petra. Above is the road to the Stag station, but the road is closed so players can press the switch, so they must continue for the time being. Players will need to go down to the area with temporary platforms until they reach the bottom and go to the right. In this next area, players will enter into a short battle encounter with more Mantis Petras as the way out is closed until they are all defeated.

Once the players come out victorious, continue to the right where there will be one card and a sign with a seat. Follow these to find the hummingbird cartographer.

Royal Waterways

From City of Tears, players can find a slot locked under the Relic Seeker Lemm. The hatch requires a simple key to unlock, opening a path to the royal waterways. It is recommended that players have a Lumafly lantern before heading to the Royal Waterways to facilitate travel.

After going down the hole, players must take a left and continue down the lower lane, following two Pilflips. Instead of following the path down to the bench, players will need to take a left and make their way across the room with Hwurmps. At the top left is a small hatch where players discover one of the Cornifer cards leading to an area with Flukemons.

Follow the path around and keep traveling to the left, but players should note the Mask Shard at the bottom left of the larger room set. In the next room, players will be locked up and have to defeat enemies that seem to open portals. To the far left, players can use the Mantis Claw to climb and reach Cornifer, who will be seated on the upper platform in the area.

Hollow Night Available on PC, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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