Which captain of the magic knights is the strongest?


at black cloverThere are no individuals stronger than the Magic Knights, and while each kingdom has its own property, the fans most familiar with them are from the Clover kingdom. Among these knights are the captains of each brigade. Each of the captains was promoted to their positions for various reasons, among which was undoubtedly their strength.

Although there is no doubt that they are both strong, how strong they are with each other is still a mystery. With so many rivalries between the leaders, it is easy to come up with interesting confrontations, but unfortunately, it is still very difficult to determine the winner. Fortunately, after the “Spade Kingdom Raid” arc, fans have a much better idea of ​​what each leader can do and can easily tell just how powerful they are.

Kaiser Granforca

Kaiser is the captain of the Purple Orcas, replacing the latter after he is discovered to be a traitor. Unfortunately, although more impressive than his predecessor, he was still probably the weakest among the current Magic Knight leaders. While he had an amazing amount of magic, which was further enhanced after being captured by a dwarf, he didn’t have many feats of strength to utilize accurately.

Kaiser uses Vortex Magic, which is much more powerful than it looks. While their primary ability is to create whirlwinds, these whirlpools are capable of scattering or dispelling magic. This makes Caesar’s magic the ultimate shield against opposing wizards. However, if one was able to slip through the whirlpool by erasing their magic, the Caesar was wide open to attacks.

Charlotte Rosselli

It might be unexpected to see her so low on the list, but unfortunately, Captain of The Blue Roses couldn’t rank much higher than that. While readers and observers are low on the list, they know that Charlotte Rosselli is by no means a weak magical knight or a bad captain – simply because of how hard she can compete. With unique magic and huge reserves of mana, there is a reason why she is able to become a captain.

With Briar Magic, Charlotte can craft and manipulate vines, vines, and roses. Although Charlotte’s charm may not seem like much, it is actually quite powerful and uniquely suited to fighting one of the higher demons. In her youth, a curse was placed on her that caused her to lose control of her magic and turn her roses blue, and while the curse was broken her roses remained blue and her magic was weaker than before. After training in the Heart Kingdom, Charlotte was able to recover her powerful red roses and even was able to turn her blue roses into an anti-cursive weapon that absorbs all the curses it comes in contact with, making her magic perfect against the likes of Megakula or anyone else who uses curses.

Nozel Silva

As a rival to the Fuegoleon Vermillion, Nozel Silva is one of the most powerful mages in the Clover Kingdom and has mana reserves roughly equal to his own, making him incredibly powerful even without looking at his spells. While his magic is weak against his opponent, Nozel proves how powerful he is by continuing to be able to fight against Fuegoleon on an equal footing.

As a practitioner of Mercury Magic, Nozel possesses one of the unique magics of captains. With the perfect combination of his mother’s steel magic and father’s water magic, Nozel can harness a mineral that is dense with the flexibility of water. This powerful combo can be downright deadly, as mercury is an incredibly toxic metal if it gets into someone’s body or blood. Nozel can render Light Magic useless by making its mercury smooth and compact enough to reflect back on the user.

Real Boismortier

Another character who might be surprisingly low on the list, Rill Boismortier is the current captain of Aqua Deer. While both the current and the youngest of all time, Riel definitely earned his position by being one of the most powerful mages in the kingdom with one of the most unique types of magic out there.

With his own drawing magic, Ryle can draw pretty much anything he wants into existence. If that wasn’t enough, he can even draw elemental traits, making his magic incredibly versatile and infinitely customizable for any situation. The only weakness of his magic is that it is directly related to his emotional state. If he’s happy and feeling creative, Rill is practically unstoppable, but if he’s ever frustrated, his charm is greatly hampered.

Voigulion Vermillion

While some fans may think he deserves a different spot on the list, the current captain of the Crimson Lions has earned his spot. While he was in a coma for much of the series, when he appeared, he always made a strong impression. Using fire magic like his brothers, his strength and potential were so great that he was chosen to be the master of Salamander, the Fire Spirit.

Through his fire magic, he proved to be strong enough to face the elves in one fight without relying on his fiery soul. According to other commanders, he is incredibly powerful and has earned the respect of his sister Mereoleona, being able to focus his fire on a laser beam of flame to eliminate enemies. After losing his arm, he was able to use his mastery on Fire Magic to replace it with one made of pure flame. Quite frankly, if he had shown any mastery on Spirit Magic, such as a Spirit Dive or the ability to achieve a Saint Stage like Noelle, he would be higher on the list than he already was, but he had only shown that he was capable yet.

Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth is a unique witch in the same way as Rill. Just like her fellow captain, her Dream Magic doesn’t have a definite core trait and is quite versatile in that respect, but somewhat more dangerous. Dream Magic allows her to trap her opponents in the dream world in which she manifests. In this world, Dorothy can create and manipulate anything she wants and is completely safe from any attacks from someone not within the dream world.

While she could not control the magic of those trapped inside, the dream world made those trapped feel increasingly sleepy. If her opponents sleep inside the dream before finding a way out, they will never be able to wake up again, making this magic incredibly powerful and almost unbeatable. She is even able to read other people’s minds both inside and outside of her dream world, making it difficult to infiltrate her.

William Vangans

As the leader of the #1 ranked team, William Vangeance has a strong charm fit to match his position. With World Tree Magic, William can create and manipulate giant trees. While this might not sound as impressive as something like Dorothy’s Dream Magic, William’s trees can absorb mana from anyone or anything that falls into their trap, greatly increasing his own reserves.

William’s charm is incredibly versatile, too. Not only can it be used as a way to strike or trap opponents, but it can also be used for defense and healing. While he was unable to defeat the Zenon of the Dark Triad, World Tree Magic proved to be strong enough to fend off and restrain some of his attacks while also being able to heal and stabilize all of his squad members who were on the verge of death. It’s the “thinking man” charm, which works very well with William.

Jack the ripper

Completely unlike Vangeance magic, Jack the Ripper’s Slash Magic is as straightforward as it gets. Jack is able to create magical blades anywhere on his body that he can use to break opponents. While this may sound very frustrating and perhaps even the weakest magic on this list, readers of the manga know better than to underestimate Jack.

The real strength of Slash Magic is its adaptability. During the fight, Jack’s blades adapt to his opponents and the specific battle, and get stronger as the match continues. With this ability, Jack was able to hack offensive spatial magic that would normally erase everything he was in contact with and even intangible concepts like gravity. It can even cut off an opponent’s regeneration abilities, making healing from a wound even more difficult. Simple as it is on paper, this magic allows Jack to beat any opponent as long as he can keep fighting, putting him – albeit tightly – in the top five.

Yami Sukihiro

Yami Sukhiro is easily one of the strongest people to have appeared in the series thus far, having been beaten up by only a handful of people. With his unique Dark Magic and fighting style, Yami brings a completely different kind of fighting into any conflict.

His dark magic may be slow in nature, but it is devastatingly powerful. Yami can use his magic to completely absorb magical attacks directed at him, acting like an anti-magic pseudo. Offensively, Yami can use his darkness to enhance his swordplay by creating giant slashes of Dark Magic, some of which can even cut into dimensions.

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