Who are you an Akatsuki member, based on your MBTI® type?


with persistence Boruto Announcing the storyline of the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, fans will recall the series’ greatest moments. No one can forget the iconic villains in the cloak Naruto Shippuden, Akatsuki. There are many eccentric characters in the Akatsuki organization, each with an individual personality that matches the Myers-Briggs® personality type.

It’s always fun to find out what kind of character and characters he’s like. While the Akatsuki members don’t have official Myers-Briggs® types, each of the sixteen characters represents someone, from the artistic Deidara and Sasori to the knowledge-hungry Orochimaru.

12 Sasori: Virtuoso (ISTP)

The Virtuoso (ISTP) is the jack of all trades. They are introverted, observant and analytical, yet artistic and multi-talented.

Sasori demonstrated his many talents through the dolls he creates. Like many Virtuosos, Sasori is also an engineer, but he takes that too far. He made dolls from human corpses and his own body. Sasori is famous for his contempt for people, preferring the company of his artificial companion. He is so introverted that he hates his partner in Akatsuki, with whom he often argues. All of these features are compatible with the original Virtuoso model.

11 Deidara: Entertainer (ESFP) / Adventurer (ISFP)

Deidara is another Akatsuki artist, but his philosophy on art is much brighter. It is either the Art of Entertainment (ESFP) or the Adventurer (ISFP). While fans aren’t sure how extroverted or introverted he is (he’s only worked with two partners), Deidara is passionate and spontaneous. Plus, he seems more open-minded than his partner, Sasori.

He may not think things through very well, but he is very attentive and adaptable. He believes that art should make one feel something, although this feeling is often fear or pain. Regardless, it is undoubtedly one of the technical types of MBTI’s, ESFP and ISFP.

10 Kisame: The Leader (ENTJ)

Like the Commander (ENTJ) type, Kisame Hoshigaki is always ready for action. He is reckless but qualified and evaluates his opponents before rushing.

Kisame is not known for the same level of remarkable analysis offered by his partner, Itachi Uchiha. However, this does not mean that Kisame is an idiot. He follows his intuition but can still plan a clever combat strategy. His quick judgmental process makes him a formidable villain. Kisame and Itachi together are the strongest Akatsuki team. Like the leader model, Kisame loves challenge and hates defeat (as fans saw in his fights with Might Guy). However, Kisame is unwavering and assertive, which makes him a great example of a leader in animation.

9 Hidan: Entrepreneur (ESTP)

The ESTP personality type appears to be the opposite of what fans have seen of Hidan. After all, he wasn’t interested in Kakuzu’s pursuit of money. Boil the type of Entrepreneur MBTI® for a greedy entrepreneur who misunderstands personality.

Entrepreneurs love to be in the spotlight. They also have an attractive and thoughtful personality. As a cult leader trying to gather followers, Hidan embodies this well. Furthermore, he is a great fighter and he has improved his jutsu’s combat utility. Moreover, the entrepreneur is notorious for taking great risks. Hidan’s jutsu is risky because he must harm himself to harm others. The personality type of an entrepreneur has nothing to do with business, and Hidan explains its essence.

8 Kakuzu: Executive (ESTJ)

The Executive (ESTJ) is an MBTI® type who can direct others, maintain order, and act responsibly. Kakuzu is great at balancing his responsibilities within Akatsuki by earning/managing his money and ensuring that his partner Hidan stays on the right track. Although Kakuzu Akatsuki is better off on his own. However, he commands the four independent beings that are semi-related to him, which means that he is adept at giving direction.

It’s the backbone of Akatsuki, and without him, they wouldn’t have come together as an organization. Executives are the foundation of the societies they are a part of, and this is no different for Kakuzu.

7 Black Zetsu / White Zetsu: Architect (INTJ) / Debater (ENTP)

Zetsu is complex because it is two entities put together. Both Zetsos display intuitive and thoughtful traits, but they differ in their social preferences. Black Zetsu is an extension of Kaguya Otsutsuki, and is dedicated to strengthening her will. His centuries-old streak proves that he is the most intelligent of the Akatsuki members. Thus, it is very similar to the Architect (INTJ) personality type.

On the other hand, White Zetsu is incredibly talkative and plays the devil’s advocate to his other half. He is unafraid of challenging Black Zetsu and is more predictable than judgmental. His opposite but extroverted nature illustrates the Debater (ENTP) personality type.

6 Conan: attorney (INFJ) / advocate (ISFJ)

Fans get a lot of dramatic details of Conan and her childhood friend Nagato (also called Pain). For this reason, the public knows how different the two are before and after puberty. When he was young and exemplary, Conan took on the role of an attorney (INFJ). She was calm but wanted to help stop corruption in the world.

However, by the time she got to know the fans, she had gone through so many traumas that her character was completely different. She cares more about protecting Nagato, and shifts her role from lawyer to advocate (ISFJ). Instead of thinking about the good she could do in the world, she became more attentive and realistic about her role and that of Nagato. Her fierce defense of Nagato makes her one of Akatsuki’s most beloved members.

Nagato, who assumes an identity named Pain, begins his inspirational life to change the world. Like series hero Naruto Uzumaki, he was bent on doing good and was incredibly kind. He also allowed his close friend Yahiko to take the lead. Childhood character Nagato is the INFP with his quiet altruism and optimism.

After Yahiko’s death, Nagato changed. He had to take on the character of a charismatic leader. As the leader of the Akatsuki, Pain, Nagato inspires his members and knows the biggest purpose of his life. He calculates plans using the arbitration tactic, whereas previously he relied on the method of excavation. His intention was well-intentioned, and he and the rest of the Akatsuki were right about the war. However, his methods are more realistic and resolute. Thus, it now falls more into the archetype of the hero (ENFJ).

4 Itachi: Logistics (ISTJ)

The Logistician (ISTJ), not to be confused with Logical (INTP), is a guard style personality type that values ​​facts and planning. Logistics are practical, discreet and reliable, unlike the Itachi Uchiha. Itachi gave up his life, his reputation, and the life of his entire clan to ensure Konoha’s safety. He is a very reliable definition, giving up everything when presented with the facts of the Uchiha clan’s plan. It was undoubtedly the saddest background in Akatsuki.

Naruto Always Itachi is portrayed as calm, observant and analytical. Moreover, it is not perfect. He internalizes the facts as they present themselves and act rationally. The Ranger is the perfect class for Itachi’s situation as he does everything to protect his village and his little brother.

3 Orochimaru: Logical (INTP)

Another type of MBTI® whose name is derived from “logic” is Logician (INTP). Logicians fall under the analyst umbrella, and they value information and facts above all else. They seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Orochimaru is the perfect logic in Narutobecause he is obsessed with learning every technique and human experimentation.

Although Orochimaru may not appear optimistic, as suggested by his excavation style, he is a forward-thinking and idealistic. Orochimaru’s quest for immortality and scientific progress demonstrates his optimism. Like many logicians, Orochimaru wants to reveal the secrets of the universe.

2 Toby: The Fighter (ENFP)

Tobi is a complex role played by many characters (including Obito and Zetsu). He is known for his raised mouth, comic relief, and dramatic reactions. He has a very charismatic personality and a free spirit, much like the Activist (ENFP).

On top of being more open and optimistic in Akatsuki, he’s also intuitive. Although he plays shyly, he understands the feelings of the other Akatsuki members. His nature is feeling, not thinking, and his spontaneity gets him into trouble. These are all biblical characteristics of the fighter personality type. In the end, he is still among the strongest members of the Akatsuki.

1 Obito: Consul (ESFJ)

Much of what fans know about Obito’s character can be traced back to his youth. At the time, he was open minded, charismatic, and followed his heart. He is not much different in adulthood, because he stops at nothing to help the plans of the wicked. However, his life circumstances made him a brutally practical person. These traits fit best with the ESFJ personality type.

Consuls care about their community, and in his own quirky way, so does Obito. It also exudes the generosity of the Consul, as we saw when he gave Kakashi his Sharingan. Unfortunately, his willingness to help makes him easy to manipulate. Akatsuki’s biggest failure was his naivety. These traits prove his resemblance to the archetype of the Consul, even if misleading.

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