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Fans and people in general are always curious about who their dating idols are. Especially when you are part of a big group like Girls’ Generation or SNSD as it is called. DJ Hyo, whose real name is Kim Hyoyeon, is a member of Girls’ Generation. She also has a successful solo career as a DJ. Her stage name is DJ Hyo, and we’ll refer to her by that name in this article. So, you must be curious who is DJ Hyo dating? We’ll move on to this further here.

Hyoyeon is a member of Girls’ Generation and is currently part of its subunit Oh! GG too. Apart from her career, the singer has also been an integral part of many dramas and films. Hyoyeon has been a part of Oh My Lady and the reality show Invincible Youth. She is also a published author. We all know that former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung is also a writer. But Hyoyeon was the first member to publish her writing. Her book is called Hyo Style, where she shared beauty and fashion tips. In her DJ career, she has also participated in DJ competition show. Since 2018, it has been revealed that she has been promoting as a DJ at local clubs and EDM festivals under her own DJ Hyo name.

Who is DJ Hugh dating?

To clear all your doubts, as of now, DJ Hyo is not dating anyone. Although she has had a boyfriend of two years, they have become clear about the relationship. However, people are always curious about her love life because she is a talented and beautiful person. But being a K-pop idol, dating is almost off the books for most idols, given their hectic schedule. Also, the K-Pop industry tries to keep their idols’ pictures clean to show the artists available to fans.

Dating DJ Hugh
DJ Hyo cr: Dispatch

But to confirm her dating status with DJ Hyo, no, she is not dating anyone at the moment. Due to her beauty and popularity, people always tend to assume that the singer and DJ might be dating someone, but that is not the case. Of course, if an idol chooses to secretly date someone, then not much can be known about it. But DJ Hyo’s official status is to be a virgin. Hyoyeon fans can be happy to know this fact. Your favorite idol is much available now. Or maybe not. It’s your social relationship anyway.

Who has previously dated DJ Hugh?

Just because she’s single now doesn’t mean she wasn’t open about relationships in the past. Like many of the other Girls’ Generation members, she’s been outspoken about her relationship status and who she’s been dating.

In 2012, Hyo participated in the Korean version of Dancing with the Stars and was paired with Kim Hyung Suk. The pair ended up winning second place, too. Then he became her partner in real life too. However, they have since separated. There was also an incident at a party, where allegations of self-harm and bullying erupted. Later, Hyung Seok explained that the party was taking place on top of a hill, and they were messing around. Since Hyung Suk was worried about Hyoyeon, he ended up calling the police. He also said that everything that happened at the party didn’t make them break up. They have been separated for a while but still hang out with each other as friends.

Dating DJ Hugh
DJ Hyo and Kim Hong Suk at Dancing with the Stars of Korea: Season Two

Since then, there are no more dating rumors on DJ Hyo’s side. She is very single. In 2022, DJ Hyo is not currently dating anyone.

DJ Hyo’s current activities

With Girls’ Generation Gap, all members are pursuing individual activities. As mentioned earlier, Hyoyeon has an active DJ career. She has also been a part of collaborations with artists like (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and BIBI.

Also, in 2021 Hyoyeon was revealed as part of the super girl group Got The Beat. Got The Beat also features Taeyeon, her co-star in Girls’ Generation, as well as soloists BoA, Seulgi and Wendy from Red Velvet and ÆSPA’s Karina and Winter.

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