Who is Embracer Group and what does it own?

The Embracer Group has recently come into great focus as an important component of the video game industry thanks to its high profile acquisitions from popular IPs, developers and publishers from across Europe and beyond. Its name wasn’t very familiar to the broader gaming community until Square Enix took on it. However, the group has been working behind the scenes for over a decade to become one of the major players in video games and entertainment as a whole.

As with many companies of this size, it can be hard to decipher what they’re doing with their acquisitions. This is the case thanks to the lack of direct contact between Embracer Group as an entity and its in-house studios and publishers. They are separated from the holding company by ten entities known as “operating groups”, which are responsible for all direct operations.

Who is Embracer Group?

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Sweden, Embracer Group is a video game and multimedia holding company with operating income of 10.603 billion kroner (just over $1 billion). Although their influence and buying power within the industry seem to come as a surprise to many, the previous names may be more familiar. Initially operating as Nordic Games Licensing AB, a subsidiary of the larger Nordic Games Group, it later renamed THQ Nordic AB, capitalizing on the THQ license it now holds. This was finally changed to Embracer Group to avoid confusion with THQ Nordic GmbH and to clarify its position as a holding company.

What does Embracer Group have?

It’s an impossible task to run through every single one of the companies/IPs that Embracer Group controls in one way or another. However, there are some particularly notable examples among the mobile developer chain. The most recent example is its recent purchase of developers Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montreal and Eidos-Montréal, which included massive intellectual property such as Tomb riderAnd thiefAnd The former god.

Furthermore, Gearbox Software is one of the most widely recognized developers, having been bought back in April 2021 for $1.3 billion. However, including IPs half life The last action RPG Wonders of Tiny Tina She fell under the influence of Embracer. As of the end of last year, the Gearbox Entertainment Company, as it is now known, consists of three separate entities that oversee development, publishing, and other media projects.

The group’s purchase of Koch Media is noteworthy in that it included well-known publisher Deep Silver as one of its many subsidiaries. Deep Silver is famous for publishing highly successful games like death islandAnd metro And some Saints Row series. It’s not just the video game world that Embracer has invested in, however, with notable acquisitions across the entertainment and media industry. Chief among them is Dark Horse Media, which oversees Dark Horse Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment, and produces popular IP titles such as Sin CityAnd 300And Umbrella Academy.

Even the medium of board games is not safe from the seemingly limitless funding that Embracer can access. It bought Asmodee for $3.2 billion. With this purchase, settlers of Kattanone of the most popular board games of its kind ever (32 million copies sold as of 2020), has come under the control of the group.

Although it has only appeared in the public consciousness recently, the influence that Embracer Group has within the industry is undeniable. Although it is important to note that the company’s structure makes the studios it owns operate on a decentralized model, there will almost certainly be problems with a lack of autonomy in pursuit of the goals set by the broader group as a whole. With so many companies already in its portfolio, the Embracer Group appears to be here for the long haul.

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