Who is Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend? All this is known


Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend has been getting fan interest since the star singer’s death in 1995. The DEUX star was murdered in a hotel room after his first performance that day. All this happened in 1995, but he still attracts the attention of fans. At first, a heart attack was the main cause of death for the star, but later when animal anesthesia and about 28 needle marks were found in his body, he suspected that he had been killed by someone. Upon further investigation, his girlfriend at the time was found to have brought anesthesia, leading people to wonder if she was the real culprit.

However, the lady revealed that even though she had brought the animal anesthetic, she immediately threw it away because it was of no use. The news took over the world and everyone suspected that she was the killer. It’s been more than two decades since the accident and still, people are curious to know who Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend is? Who was he dating at the time of his death? Was she the one who killed him? where is she now? There are hundreds of questions fans are searching for an answer to and fortunately we are here to quench your thirst by answering all your questions about Kim Sung Jae’s murder.

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Which is Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend?

Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend is Kim Mo. The two dated when he was a star singer and joined the popular group DEUX. Kim and Mo were very much in love and were on tour when someone killed him.

Initially, his girlfriend was convicted of his murder but was released on appeal. Although the case happened in 1995, Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend made headlines again in 2019. SBS decided to release an episode about the singer’s death. Knowing that it would be a problem for her, Mo filed a complaint against her in court.

Kim Sung Jae Dating
The trial of Kim Sung Jae in court

She asked the court to stop the release of the episode. Her mother also supported her decision and said, “If the episode goes out, our lives will turn into hell. We will suffer every day.” The court accepted the lawsuit and suspended the broadcast of the episode. However, after the court ruling, about 200,000 people signed a petition to release Kim Sung Jae’s murder.

In her defence, Mo’s mother released a statement saying, “My daughter has suffered a lot because of the biased interrogation. We have suffered a lot in these years. Please don’t air the episode, it will turn our lives into hell. It will be a psychological burden on my daughter.” Due to their multiple pleas, the episode was prevented from occurring. It was never televised.

where is she now?

Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend was the prime suspect in Kim’s murder. She was convicted of his murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, it was released later. In her second and third stages, she was found innocent and there was no evidence against her.

Kim sung Jae Girlfriend
Kim Sung Jae’s girlfriend

The court released her due to lack of evidence. The case was never resolved, however, his murder is a mystery and no one knows who the real culprit is. Years later, Mo spoke about her boyfriend’s death and said, “He committed suicide because of malicious comments. Malicious comments were the main reasons why celebrities committed suicide in those days.”

Currently, she keeps herself out of the limelight. The last time she appeared in public was to stop the broadcast of the episode of Kim’s death. Despite her release and vindication, some still believe she is the real culprit. However, there is no evidence to prove this. Who do you think killed the singer? Let us know in the comments section below and for more news about the world of entertainment, stay tuned to our website.

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