Who is Lottie Moss Dating? Boyfriend and professional fashion model


Here, we will discuss who Lottie Moss has been dating. What do we know about this British model’s interests and career? Starting with the Basics, originally known as Charlotte Moss, she gained huge fame for being the half-sister of another famous model, Kate Moss. As a model, in 2016, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris alongside Lucky Blue Smith. Early in her career, she also appeared in Dazed magazine. Little known, Teen Vogue was her first print editorial. Also, Lottie teamed up with Calvin Klein brand.

Knowing her popularity in the modeling industry at such a young age, fans are interested to learn about her personal life. Since she was young and famous, Lottie Moss has made several headlines with her romance. However, people are curious about what’s going on, more specifically if she’s dating anyone at the moment. For more details, let’s dive into this article to learn more about who Lottie Moss is dating.

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Lottie Moss Dating: Supermodel Friend

Talking about her romantic love life, Lottie Moss is dating Cody Colacino. In case you weren’t aware of it, Cody is an American music producer, based in Los Angeles. He also owns a record company, Pure Sinners Entertainment and a clothing brand.

Lottie Moss dating
Lottie Moss found her love in Cody Colacino

Recently, Lottie Moss posted a picture of her holding hands with her new beau, Cody, on her Instagram account. It’s been a few days since she sparked romance on social media, which made her fans even more excited and happy for her. Well, it was a dinner date. The new lovebirds seem to be inseparable and have bumped into her. The model had a rough time but Cody was very supportive and caring for her. They enjoy together and enjoy each other’s company. Presently, Lottie Moss has moved and settled in Los Angeles. He believes that this makes their relationship stronger.

Likewise, the musician is also quite open about her relationship with her. On his Instagram account, he posted a photo of himself getting inked, with Lottie seen in the background smoking a cigarette in bed. As a couple, Cody and Lottie both look adorable.

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profession and other

Besides knowing who Lottie Moss is dating and the details of their relationship, fans are interested to know more about the model. Born on January 9, 1998, Lottie makes her 24 years old at the moment. She was born in London, United Kingdom. You can follow her on social media, she has got more than 514K followers as of today.

Lottie Moss dating
Lottie Moss

Moving forward in her career, in 2014, she signed with Storm Management, a famous modeling agency. Well, she’s admitted that she never wanted to be a model, unless it was revealed at Kate Moss’ wedding. Her half-sister encouraged her a lot to drop out of school and follow in her footsteps in the fashion industry. She has a turbulent relationship with popularity as her profession has benefited greatly from nepotism.

new project

Regarding her excessive drug use, she calculated, “I guess I just thought it was normal and I was going to these events and parties and I was exhausted.Well, I’ve also dealt with feelings of self-doubt which anyway affected her career. After getting out of rehab, she has now decided to let go of those parts of her life that made her miserable and ‘hold me back.’ That includes her modeling career as well. Lottie also started a new project on OnlyFans.Now, she is looking to make money online by filming her explicit content, which is more fun for her.For this reason, her mother hasn’t talked to her for two weeks, as she shared.But Kate has always supported her and is proud of all What has she been doing in her life?

Best wishes Lottie Moss in her new career. Hoping to achieve everything she was working towards. Also, best wishes to the lovebirds, in the hope that their relationship will last forever.

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